Stella McCartney Kids Maleficent

Have you seen the trailer for Disney’s film “Maleficent,” starring Angelina Jolie in the lead role and Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora? It looks eerily wonderful and I can’t wait until it comes to theatres, although I’m not so sure my little ones will be able to handle the spooky scenes. In anticipation of the film’s release, Stella McCartney teamed up with Disney to create a hauntingly beautiful capsule Stella McCartney Kids fashion collection. The two brands collaborated on the designs which have been inspired but he new film which is based on the untold story of Maleficent, villain from […] Continue reading →

I bought the “Little Miss and Little Mr” books for my girls last year as I have always had a deep love for the series. Roger Hargreaves, the author of the series actually  created a character especially for Stella McCartney in 2006 for her fashion show. Little Miss Stella is back and this time with her very own capsule […] Continue reading →

Cork heels are a super hot trend found in many lines and collections of women’s footwear. Even TOMS has introduced a collection of strappy sandals with many of the shoes featuring the cork. Stella McCartney is yet another designer that has embraced the trend, not only for women but for kids too! Stella McCartney Kids has taken inspiration from the main line with the Linda sandal, a gorgeous shoe featuring a cork sole and polyurethane straps. The shoes come in three colors – Fluo Orange, Almond and Banana. Price: $125.00 from Stella […] Continue reading →

How can you not love these boots from Stella McCartney? Made from eco-leather and canvas, these adorable embroidered cowboy boots offer a fun take on the cowboy trends seen on adult catwalks. The boots offer a classic cowboy cut with subtle heel and are decorated and embroidered with stars, birds and cactus plants. They would look awfully spiffy with your favorite jeans tucked inside or paired with a pretty party dress. I’m in love! Price: $254.24 from our affiliate […] Continue reading →

Halloween costumes have pretty much been figured out in our household. My daughters were pretty easy (they are going as Rapunzel #1 and Rapunzel #2), but  my 6 week old son will most likely stay home while his sisters trick or treat. Not wanting to exclude him from any dress up fun, I searched around for outfits that could be worn both during and after the holidays as it seemed like a waste to buy an entire costume for such a youngin’. Luckily there are quite a few options that are both adorable and classy enough to wear throughout the […] Continue reading →

Have you seen Stella McCartney Kids’ new Autumn collection? As always, Stella has created a fun and surprising campaign that literally jumps out at you when you hover over the outfits. The clothing designs however… well, they are quite simple. Colors are muted, the cuts are basic and nothing really pops out or grabs your attention. Get the flash player here: The only piece that really catches my eye is the girls’ red wool coat. In short, I’m a little disappointed with this line. What  about you? What do you think of the new collection? Anything that piques your […] Continue reading →

I’ve seen the military coat a few times on children and always thought it was an interesting choice. The first time I laid eyes on this new style was back in December when Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wore a luxurious military waistcoat from the Ralph Lauren Kids collection. Looks like Stella McCartney is following suit as she has designed her own version of the style in unisex colours. I have to say, the coat is quite cute and VERY unique. I think many parents will find that they either love the look or hate it. Still not sure where I stand personally. […] Continue reading →