While perusing Etsy I stumbled on the most adorable skirts that would be perfect for the ever important first day of school outfit! Michigan based K Bella Bambino designs handmade skirts that are so bright and full of character, they would be the perfect addition to any little girls wardrobe. K Bella Bambino was started by Karin Harmon, a stay-at-home mom with a passion for sewing and a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She is inspired by her own children while creating pieces, and turns out truly unique and modern clothing. The skirt that caught my eye was the Fall Apple […] Continue reading →

Every now and then I come across and Etsy shop which makes me oooh and ahhh out loud. Rosemary’s Cuppa is definitely one of those shops and once you browse through her adorable little pint-sized skirts, you might just be ooohing and ahhhing along with me! Made in Bloomington, Indiana, by the oh so talented Abra Clampitt, each skirt from Rosemary’s Cuppa is a delight to behold and is sure to make a statement each time they’re donned by your petite fashionista. The colours and designs are bright, eye-catching and completely cute! Some of these handmade beautiful are crafted with […] Continue reading →

I love this beautiful Le Dressing gift set! It combines a girly satin effect flounce skirt with ruffles which is just perfect for spinning round in circles and dancing to your hearts content, with  a perfectly matching lavender t-shirt which is made from thick, crinkled fabric that gives it a beautiful texture and feel. On the front there is a bow, some printed text and two cute fabric buttons. I love that fact that this has been made into a gift set and the presentation of it sounds just as stunning as the outfit itself! It comes in a beautiful […] Continue reading →

Autumn is almost here, and if your daughter has a closet full of pretty dresses that still fits you may be a bit sad. Those bare legs will not make it through the colder months, and she might be too big to get one last wear in next summer. So how can you stretch the life of dresses and skirt? With cute, colorful, and warm leggings! Layering colors and patterns is always in style for little girls, and leggings let you do just that when cooler weather comes. Pair her favorite summer dress with a sweet camisole sweater and a […] Continue reading →

These super charming Everyday Cotton Skirts for both little and big girls have an easy smocked-back and can easily go with pretty much anything in your child’s closet. They are available in three fun and colorful options ranging in sizes 2-14 and have a striped sash that can be tied in the back or front (reminiscent of an apron). Price: $38.00 from […] Continue reading →

Infant Girls’ Dresses & Skirts at Bergdorf Goodman Infant Girls’ Dresses & Skirts by Gymboree They are light, bouncy, frilly and flouncy. Ruffles are truly a little girl’s best friend. Whether they are spinning, dancing or playing princess, ruffles put the pretty into play. My daughter’s favorite frilly dress this season is the one pictured above from Peaches ‘n Cream. She dances and swings to her heart’s content in that little number! Gymboree, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture and Nordstrom are just a few of the stores that carry all kinds of shoes, pants, skirts and dresses with a touch […] Continue reading →

We love these adorable scrap skirts from Ninacity. Hand and custom made from 100% recycled leather, our favorite colors include the Rockin’ Rainbow, Blue Lagoon, Red Ruby and Blue Velvet. If you are looking for a more subdued and muted tone for fall, check out the Green Forest version. Sizes range from 1-2, 3-4 and 4-5, however as the skirts are to be worn on the waist, the sizes are basically guidelines. The best thing to do is to go by waist measurements in order to select the right size. Check out Zazou for more details on sizes and measuring. […] Continue reading →