Quantum of the Seas - Dining & Entertainment

I mentioned in my previous posts about Quantum of the Seas that I had never been on a cruise before. As a newbie, one of the things I was nervous about was the dining – I’d always heard that choices were limited and you had to sit with people you don’t know. Royal Caribbean revamped everything for their new smartship, including all the food and entertainment. They have introduced what they call “Dynamic Dining” which allows guests to choose from 18 different restaurants with no set dining times. The restaurants range from the incredibly elegant Grande (I was looking around […] Continue reading →

Quantum of the Seas Robot Bar

Note: Travel and accommodations were provided by Royal Caribbean. All words and photos are mine. Video is courtesy of Royal Caribbean. I have to admit, the thing I got most excited about when boarding Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas for the first time was the promise of tech. We were able to sign up for mini-tours and this cruise was so chock full on innovations that a newbie cruiser like myself was over the moon. We got to visit the bridge and hear about safety from the captain himself. We went below deck to see how the ship recycles […] Continue reading →


It’s official peeps! Royal Caribbean announced that they’ll be moving forward with an order of the fourth Oasis-class ship for delivery in 2018! Known for pushing the boundaries and as part of the cruise line’s improvement strategy, Oasis III will be approximately 20 percent more energy efficient than Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, which already are the most energy efficient cruise ships in the world. The Oasis-class ships are the largest in the world with incredible revolutionary design and seven distinct themed areas. At 225,282 gross registered tons and spanning 16 decks with 2,700 staterooms, the […] Continue reading →


Ever since I was engaged to be married in St. Martin, this island of two nations has held a special place in my heart. My ring was bought on the Dutch side and the proposal happened on the French, making the betrothal of two Canadians a truly international affair. Or, at least that’s how I’ll always view it. Returning this year with my 11 year old as a Port of Call with Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas was a special treat. It’s not every day you get to share with your children where your story as a family began. […] Continue reading →


The one thing you can never say about dining on Royal Caribbean‘s Freedom of the Seas is that it lacks options. Options abound on this floating city. From fine dining to casual fare, the Freedom of the Seas has it covered. Prior to our trip in early November I was slightly worried about dining onboard for three reasons. First, I thought I’d get bored with the choices fairly quickly. Second, I’m trying to live a gluten-free life and I wasn’t sure how the Freedom of the Seas would manage that. Finally, I was fairly certain that the food would be […] Continue reading →

barbie tiaras and tea

Someone I know, *coughcough* my daughter *coughcough*, thought they were like, so over Barbie, you know? At the ripe old age of 10 and 3/4 this certain someone thought she was just way too old to play with Barbie. Then, this certain someone joined me on a recent press trip aboard the Freedom of The Seas and discovered that Barbie was still pretty cool after all. Of course she is. Barbie is iconic and looks pretty darn fabulous for someone approaching her 50th birthday. Not surprising, of course, is that Barbie is now sailing the high seas as an exclusive […] Continue reading →

view off balcony

Spend any time aboard a Royal Caribbean ship and you might find that you’ll adopt their “Why Not?” attitude as a life philosophy. If they can put a rock wall on the top deck of the ship, then you should climb it. If they can put a skating rink at sea, then you should lace up your skates. And if they can build cantilevered hot tubs hanging high over the ocean, then by George, you should hang out in it. In fact, by the end of your Royal Caribbean vacation, you might be asking yourself where this carefree individual you’re […] Continue reading →