Are you heading out for the holidays? Several friends and family are hitting the road on Monday, while others are waiting until after Boxing Day to visit their relatives. Travel is at it’s peak during the holidays which is why so many are opting to hit the road as opposed to flying. Regardless of when/how you travel, there are several products that are guaranteed to make your trip more peaceful and stress-free.  I received the Cobra CPP7500C JumPack MB Power Charger Amp USB Bill recently and practically squealed when I opened the package. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? You […] Continue reading →

While attempting to get the most out of the summer, my family and I have embarked on quite a few road trips this year. Due to the nature of our business, a couple of these trips included my husband, while others I braved by myself with the three kids. Traveling 5-6 hours with a baby and 2 girls in tow is quite the experience, let me tell you! For the most part it has been smooth sailing and I definitely credit that to the fact that my son can see his sisters in the back seat. They are his ‘entertainment’ […] Continue reading →

Funny enough, I actually finished up a road trip today with three children in tow – solo. Although it sounds quite challenging, it turned out to be one of the easiest trips ever. My son fell asleep for most of the trip and we only stopped once for lunch. It was a complete success! With the weather as beautiful as it is and airline tickets climbing, many are opting to take their trip on the road. In fact, road trips were on a rise last year. Even with high gas prices, when you compare car travel to air, the former […] Continue reading →