I’ve always found the “idea” of a vacation home appealing, but for some reason my family and I had never pulled the trigger on booking a home rather than a hotel. It has nothing to do with the cost factor (vacation homes are usually the same if not cheaper than a hotel/resort) more with the fact that I’m nervous about whether or not it will end up being the right choice for our family. A couple of months ago I was invited on a press trip to Kissimmee, Florida by the tourism board and Global Resort Homes. The itinerary stated […] Continue reading →

New bags make me happy, especially lightweight ones that happy to be ultra fashionable and cute. Enter Perry Mackin. This company designs the cutest diaper bags that are so chic, you will want to use them years after having your babies. I recently received one of their Alexis bags and fell in love as soon as I took it out of […] Continue reading →

Beauty products and cosmetics have always been a huge passion of mine. Years ago I used to make my own natural cosmetics and actually sold various massage oils, body creams and lip balms at a local event. I made my own bath salts, face creams, bath bombs, etc. It was a hobby of mine that went to the wayside after I had kids. Periodically I whip up a fun bath product for the kids, but these days I hit my local Lush or Sephora for the products I need. Beauty Boxes are a new trend that hit the USA a […] Continue reading →

Teaching our children about money and the value of a dollar is something we have been striving for over the past year. In November we took the girls out to choose their own piggy banks and opened up their own savings accounts. Although we haven’t started with the allowance bit yet, we have given them money on occasion which they were excited to place in their little banks and by seeing the physicality of it, they are beginning to understand the concept of saving, how much is needed to buy an item, etc. As a fan of educational apps, I […] Continue reading →

Before I became a mother I was highly organized. I planned our meals for the entire month (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and because of this, was able to do all of our shopping in one trip. After each chid I lost a little more of my organizational skills and have reached the point where dinner plans are a spur of a moment decision – a tactic that didn’t work so well. When Glow Baby asked whether I would be interested in checking out their Organized Family Menu Planner, I thought they had some kind of mind-reading capability because the timing […] Continue reading →

When it comes to colours and designs, workout and yoga clothes definitely lean more towards the basic/subtle variety. Recently, I was introduced to a company that adds everything from embroidery and huge punches of colour to their activewear. Margarita Activewear is a company based out of Israel that manufactures workout clothing for the adventurous woman. Inspired by the Latin culture, this compnay wanted to provide clothing that performed well, but provided a new vision and esthetic style that was different from other brands. They first launched ten years ago and have doubled their production year after year due to the […] Continue reading →

During my pregnancy with my 3rd child, Isabella Oliver’s Wrap Dress was one of my ultimate favourites. Although I enjoy reporting on the trends, I’m not one to follow or copy a celebrity trend just because it has been worn by an A-lister. Of course, that could also be due to the fact that I’m familiar with the brand or have used the brand before even spotting it on a celeb. Isabella Oliver’s Wrap Dress is the one exception to that rule. Selma Blair was one of the best-dressed pregnant celebrity moms of 2011 in my opinion, and she was […] Continue reading →