Leggings and plaids and embellishments—oh my!  The Fall 2010 styles for kids are so fashion-forward —   no wonder my daughters can’t wait to start their back-to-school shopping!  Their possibilities are so much more exciting than the standard T-shirt and jeans uniform of my youth.  Let’s see what is most fabulous this Fall: Embellishments Move over, Plain Jane. This is the season of Fancy Nancy, as everything, from denim to leggings to backpacks feature embellishments.  Rhinestones, embroidery, sequins, beading, and patches all add swank to even the simplest of children’s clothes. Plaids & Argyles It’s the year of the Ivy League […] Continue reading →

As a child, all of my best bribes came from my parents trying to coax me into getting dressed up.  In my dressed-down book, Mary-Janes and tights were only for annual holidays and I could never wait to shed them in favor of jeans or jammies.  The fashion-forward kids of 2010’s Fall Season, on the other hand, know that frills and faux fur are fabulous and are leading the charge in classing up back-to-school shopping. A Colorful Twist on Plaid Plaids are in this season.  Classics like Burberry and Tartan are being worn 21st century style—in vibrant color combinations such […] Continue reading →

One of the hottest trends for fall this year is plaid. No longer the must-have look for lumber jacks and early 90s grunge rock, plaid is a fun style that kids of all ages can wear. If you would like to add a touch of plaid your children’s clothes, here are three simple ways to integrate this popular print into your kids’ back to school look. 1. Plaid shirt with solid pants Plaid looks great on it’s own and does not need to be mixed up to make it pop. Choose a simple plaid shirt in fun and bold colors, […] Continue reading →

The Hamptons have officially come to a Gap near you! Staying true to the 2010 Summer color trend of beige, white, blue and black, Gap has used the same colors we saw in their Porcelain line and added some bold hues, star bursts and nautical inspirations. Gap has also put their own some of the trends that are really hot for boys right now. Fedoras, thong sandals and plaid caps are available in the Hamptons line for toddlers. Although the outfits for girls are adorable, I am really loving the shoes they’ve come up with for the ‘Hamptons’ – the […] Continue reading →

Toddler Girls’ Dresses by Gap Infant Boys’ Onesies by Gap Plaid is everywhere this season! Gap’s Marrakesh line used the Madras style check throughout their collection, the Calypso kids took the print too a whole other level with this gorgeous dress and even Max Bratman was spotted with a wool plaid cap while out and about New York City last week. Of course, we can’t forget Burberry’s signature check which never goes out of style! Infant Boys’ Accessories by Janie and Jack Infant Girls’ Accessories by Sand Cassel Kids If you just want to jazz up a summer outfit with […] Continue reading →