We all know kids like to make a lot of noise, so why not get an instrument in those adorable hands to start cultivating their natural talents! Any tot is sure to enjoy these organic wooden percussion instruments from Wee Woodworks. A simple design: one fun shaped toy and a wooden stick to run along it’s back, creating some seriously groovy washboard-like sounds. A must-have for any family band! Available in four kid-friendly shapes — your little one can choose either the hedgehog, alligator, Triceratops or T-Rex! Eco-savvy mamas will also be happy to hear that these great toys are […] Continue reading →

Teaching my daughter to sign at a very young age has been one of the greatest communication tools I possibly could have given her. The folks at Little Sapling Toys know this too, and so they’ve created a fun new set of blocks featuring both the letters of the alphabet, and their corresponding American Sign Language signs. Made from Walnut, Maple and Cherry wood, lightly finish with local beeswax (from Idaho) and organic jojoba oil, this collection of 26, 1.5″ square blocks have been sanded smooth to ensure no tiny splinters find your toddlers’ hands. The letters/signs are also etched […] Continue reading →

If there’s anything cuter than rolly-poly, chubby baby legs, it might just be a pair of organic baby leggings from Thief & Bandit. These adorably stylish duds are the work of talented creator, Amie, and are sure to turn some heads! From her site: Thief & Bandit is Amie Cunningham, a woodcarver, designer, and artist by way of Canada and now living and working in Richmond, VA. All Thief & Bandit fabrics are handprinted and all goods handmade with care in my Richmond studio. Items are unique and of limited edition. Enjoy! Currently available in four unique styles, from Snakeskin […] Continue reading →

I must be a bit behind the times with teething products because I’ve only just stumbled across this little gem! The organic teething bonbon from Dress Me Up is a fantastic, organic solution for sore and grouchy teething babies. I love the fact that each of these teethers are made by hand, one at a time and have a real rustic charm to them. Certified organic cotton and naturally antibacterial lamb’s wool make Organic Teething Bonbons® the gentle and safe solution for baby’s teething pain. They look simple to use, and great for when you need a real quick solution! […] Continue reading →

Many parents are choosing organic baby clothes over conventional clothing. Organic trends have moved from the supermarket shelves to the clothing shops, as organic cotton is being used more and more. If you have not yet jumped onto the organic bandwagon, you may be wondering why organic baby clothes are so important. Conventional cotton farming practices involve a lot of chemicals. Pesticides are needed to keep bugs at bay, so the farmers can get the largest crop possible. There are also regular treatments of herbicides to prevent weeds from growing in the fields. All of these chemicals seep into the cotton […] Continue reading →

Sir Paul McCartney certainly has talented children! Following her little sister Stella’s popular baby Gap collection, Mary McCartney has designed two chic tees to raise money for charity. Lil Sugar reported that Mary, a renowned photographer like her late mother has collaborated with the Danish children’s wear company Mini A Ture and designed two unisex print t-shirts ($31). Made from organic cotton, these loose leaf-looking shirts feature both hand-drawn birds and sweet, uplifting phrases in newborn through big kid sizes in a design that is perfect for back-to-school! Proceeds from the sales will go to the Sunway Childrens Home, a […] Continue reading →

Sama Baby’s latest line is a must-have for any kid this season: organic jeans. Perfect for back to school, the natural jeans are high quality, organic, and affordably priced at $40 a pair for babies from 12 months old to six years. Shivani and Neha Gupta, the founders of Sama Baby have always dreamed of offering stylish organic denim and are thrilled to finally share it with children worldwide. “We spent months testing the organic eco denim and wanted the jeans to look sophisticated, yet easy to play in,” explained Head Designer Neha Gupta. “We tested and tried our organic […] Continue reading →