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Becoming a parent is filled with challenges but with those come many little victories. I’ve always believed that you can look at life two ways, either with your glass half full or half empty. As a family, we’ve always chosen the first option. A daily little victory is getting the older kids fed, packed up and out the door on time for school, while another is finishing my work while tending to my son’s daily demands. There are plenty of shining little victories throughout the day, you just have to look for them. As I write this, I can hear […] Continue reading →

My third video for Baby Jogger is up! Running errands with three children can be exhausting, so the proper gear is a must (especially in snowy weather). My kids are real hams and show off their personality in this […] Continue reading →

As you already know I’ve been working on a super fun video campaign with Baby Jogger. We had a fantastic Twitter party last week, I hope you were able to join us! It’s been fun highlighting some of our day-to-day activities with our family and children. This is very different from anything I’ve done in the past, so it’s been quite fun! One thing that I have recently learnt is that you CAN stroll in the snow. It is possible if you have the right set of wheels (psst, I let you know which set in the video above). *Disclosure: […] Continue reading →

Baby Jogger is and always has been one of my favorite stroller manufacturers. They are known for their excellence and above all – they are travel friendly! I was recently asked to take part in an exciting campaign highlighting essentially – how I stroll. Join me over the next couple of months during this fun series as I document my life, travels and day to day activities. Be sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel as well as Baby Jogger’s to stay updated. You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Speaking of Facebook… Want to win your […] Continue reading →

This is fun! A couple of months ago I attended a beautiful event thrown by Zarbees where I met Kristin Davis (yes THE Kristin Davis from Sex in the City!) and enjoyed a luncheon with so many of my friends, colleagues and peers, all while learning about Zarbees and their new products. Their cough syrup is actually the only one I use now. Perhaps that’s because it’s the only one that really works while being completely natural. During the event I was interviewed by Janice Croze from 5 Minutes For Mom and she asked me how on earth I do […] Continue reading →

The SocialLuxe Lounge is a HOT ticket and one that sells out ridiculously fast. This was snatched up in 2 minutes. No I’m not exaggerating! The 2012 Slow Churned SocialLuxe Lounge from jane maynard on Vimeo. I was supposed to attend in 2010, but my plane was delayed and by the time I arrived at my hotel the party had already ended. Yes, I was seriously disappointed. This year however I made it and after attending I can definitely see what all the buzz is about. Allison, Jane and Marie, the coordinators of the event are incredible women who […] Continue reading →

Last Friday (August 3), my son and I had the chance to attend the launch event for Zarbee’s new all natural extra strength line of cough products for adults and children 12 and up at The Kimberly Hotel in New York City. The guest of honour was Kristin Davis, most of you may know her as Charlotte from Sex in the City. I was actually introduced to Zarbee’s last year during the ABC Expo in Louisville and became such a fan of the brand that it has actually replaced our regular cough and cold products, so attending this event was […] Continue reading →