Why do kids get to have all the fun? I am literally swooning over Kiki Fluhr’s new designs for her line The Measure. Aren’t they gorgeous? Following the successful launch of her Spring 2011 collection ‘Midsummer’s Night”, Fluhr has continued with the Shakespearean theme, designing girls clothing that is romantic, wistful and offers a vintage look with a twist. Available in sizes from 2-12, the new line was inspired by Fluhr’s own childhood wandering through the woods behind her grandparent’s house and exploring nature. Her tag line states that her clothing is “made for wandering and for coming home” and […] Continue reading →

We always stumble on such great finds, and Boston, Mass. based The Measure is no exception. The Midsummer Nights 2011 collection for the Spring/Summer features whimsical, sustainable, and downright gorgeous pieces for your little girl. The creative force behind The Measure, Kiki Fluhr, has designed a line-up of sundresses, shorts and other warm weather fare keeping sustainability at the forefront, while not sacrificing […] Continue reading →