convenient ways to dress your child

Before I had a baby, and while I was pregnant, I had grand plans for my future child’s attire. The outfits would be extravagant. We would match, of course. You know, a little mama and mini action. The outfits would have layers, not just your standard onesies. My baby would be trendy, without a doubt. Then I actually had a baby. The diaper changes came rolling in. Spit up and drool happened. So much spit up. Does anyone else find it annoying to load a baby covered in layers into a car seat? And my least favorite-pulling a tight shirt over […] Continue reading →

I bought the “Little Miss and Little Mr” books for my girls last year as I have always had a deep love for the series. Roger Hargreaves, the author of the series actually  created a character especially for Stella McCartney in 2006 for her fashion show. Little Miss Stella is back and this time with her very own capsule […] Continue reading →

Another collaboration to announce! Julius the Monkey is coming to Babies”R”Us stores nationwide starting May 23rd! Paul Frank and Babies”R”Us announced that they will be launching an all-new Small Paul designs collection of apparel and accessories, available in sizes 0-5T. The line also includes Small Paul-branded bags, backpacks, footwear and hosiery, as well as adorable Julius plush, perfect for little ones. The collaboration offers colorful and fun pieces that remain true to the Paul Frank brand, while integrating a whimsical twist for the younger audience. What do you think of the new line? I can tell you that I, for […] Continue reading →

Every now and then I come across and Etsy shop which makes me oooh and ahhh out loud. Rosemary’s Cuppa is definitely one of those shops and once you browse through her adorable little pint-sized skirts, you might just be ooohing and ahhhing along with me! Made in Bloomington, Indiana, by the oh so talented Abra Clampitt, each skirt from Rosemary’s Cuppa is a delight to behold and is sure to make a statement each time they’re donned by your petite fashionista. The colours and designs are bright, eye-catching and completely cute! Some of these handmade beautiful are crafted with […] Continue reading →

I saw this collection featured on’s Family Style the other day and was so incredibly intrigued that I had to share! Founded by two moms, Piola Rio Branco and Monica Patel-Cohn, “Two” is a company that celebrates Mother & Child in a simple yet stylish way. The collection of women’s tunics are inspired by Eastern influence as many of them are fashioned from Saris, the traditional Indian garb. Having worn a sari quite a few times in my life, I am quite familiar with the comfort and drape the cloth provides. Although Saris are available in cotton and silk, […] Continue reading →

This weekend for two days only, The Children’s Place held their Friends & Family Event in-store and online. Today is the last day to enjoy 25% off all purchases, a great perk especially now that Spring is here and the warmer weather is just around the corner. If you are heading to the mall in a few, print out the image above or use code FRIEND11 at checkout online to receive the […] Continue reading →

In December, while scouting out gifts for Babble’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide, I came across (and included) Kidlandia, a company that creates personalized art, growth charts and maps for kids. Their maps in particular are one of the neatest and most unique gift ideas, I have come across! The Kidlandia Kreechurs maps come in a variety of different styles and can be personalized according to your family. Once you choose the size and click personalize, you can add family member’s names, favorite colors, pets, last names and other details that make this map completely customized to your child.  The maps are […] Continue reading →