Deluxe and luxurious desks are gorgeous, but in my opinion nothing beats the stylish art centers designed in the past. As a mother who homeschools, I seem to be drawn to old-fashioned school desks. I have contemplated many times when presented with an opportunity to purchase one, would a desk like this really accomplish all that I hope it will? Is there enough room? Will it be comfortable? On the other side, I am always on the lookout for great modern and new table and chair sets, and I think today I may have found the ultimate! The Deluxe Art […] Continue reading →

Oh my lawd I am drooling over this desk! Designed by Alberto Marcos for ninetonine, a Spanish furniture and design company, the Deskhouse is probably the most unique playhouse/desk you will ever come across because quite frankly I don’t think there is anything else like it on the market! Complete with a fireplace (to hold pencils, crayons and markers) this is not only the ideal drawing board but a place for kids to play house and hide out. The small size measures  (L) 64cm (W) 77cm (Al) 73 cm and the company is said to be producing a larger version for those who want a […] Continue reading →

Designed by Davide Cesca, P’kolino’s Klick Desk is functional and compact. With lots of space for puzzles, paper and books, it is the perfect desk for early learners. The padded seat sits 12 inches high and has space for further storage. Our favorite feature of this desk is how it “klicks” together once your child has finished her activities. A great idea for minimizing clutter or for families short on space! Price: […] Continue reading →