kate spade gifts

Kate Spade designs some of the cutest accessories and fashions for women, her styles quirky and whimsical. We’ve featured many of her products on Child Mode including some of her infamous diaper bag. Today, we’re showcasing their baby line with some adorable gift ideas for your little one. A regular fork and spoon will not do because everyone knows they have personality. I vote for all spoons and forks to have faces. Who’s with me? Available through giggle.com. She doesn’t put some flowers on a plate and call it a day, no, Kate Spade goes over and above adding cutesy […] Continue reading →

I don’t know about your children, but it seems that mine are often pushing their pricey toys aside and taking matters into their own hands. Lately they have been creating “paper toys”, which are basically superheros which they color and ask me to cut out for them. They literally play with these for hours, and I am left wondering – Why do I spend any money on toys when they take so much pleasure in something so simple? molly-meg is on to this idea, with their line of Mood Switch Stickers! Available in three different styles – girl, boy or […] Continue reading →

If we are talking innovation, I think that the “door within a door” may be one of the most innovate designs I have come across in quite some time. Such a simple concept, yet something that I have never come across before as a “real” comprehensive design. The “minjjoo” door is the brainchild of German designers Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller (jjoo Designs), in collaboration with door manufacturer Holitsch. The design was created to allow children to feel more independent and confident, much as the Montessori model of teaching stresses having everything (including bathroom sinks, etc.) at a lower level […] Continue reading →

If a playroom rug is next on your shopping list, you many want to consider this beautiful custom made rainbow version from Eleven Sides on Etsy. This made to order rug can be made in any color combination, however the rainbow is simply gorgeous. As you can see you can have a traditional rainbow or one reversed. All rows have two bands of each color (one pale and one strong) against a white background. Stitches are alternated into the color providing an overall look of extra texture and visual interest. So gorgeous! The one pictured above is 52″ in diameter. […] Continue reading →

If I could have a bookcase in every, single room in my house I would be a happy woman. In fact, if you check out my Pinterest page, you’ll notice I have an entire board dedicated to anything Bookish. Clearly, I’m obsessed. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I came across the stunning ABC Libreria from Saporiti. Italian Designers Roberto Saporiti and Eva Alessandrini have created this incredible set of storage cubes, each of which forms letters and numbers. Every modular cube is designed in such a way that it can either be stacked, used as an end […] Continue reading →

With such adorable girl-centered furniture on the market, I am forever keeping my eyes open for bedroom or playroom furniture that would be suitable for use as gender neutral or for boys. At this point, practically everything I own is natural wood, with a splash of primary color.  I have been dreaming of furniture with some character for years – I think I may have […] Continue reading →

Lula Bunny Clock – LulaBird Designs – 30 GBP Many years ago, I had a vision of the perfect colour for my living room walls. I went to the hardware store, selected a colour, and bought myself 2 gallons. When I returned home I got to painting and quickly realized that things were not turning out as I planned. Upon realizing I had picked a bold teal instead of muted sea green, (I don’t know how I messed this up!) I stopped painting quickly. For at least a year two walls remained this colour, and to put it lightly, this […] Continue reading →