It feels like the December holidays ended yesterday, but Valentine’s Day is almost just one week away. I though I would round up a few simple and easy craft ideas you can create this week to […] Continue reading →

Our house is full of holiday happenings! From books to crafts, my kids and I have been busy preparing for Santa to arrive. Last year I came across the coolest idea to preserve your children’s handprints on your tree skirt, while adding a touch of decor at the same time. This year I replicated it and made a few changes to make it a bit easier. Instead of making my own skirt, I…. Continue […] Continue reading →

We’ve been treated to some unseasonably warm weather up here lately (save for yesterday, when the mercury dipped back below zero Celsius) and we’ve definitely been taking advantage of the Springtime vibe that it brings along. All we can think about is sunshine and colour! My garden is starting to turn green again, the trees are budding and the skies have been beautiful. In honour of one of my favourite seasons, here are a few craft ideas that I can’t wait to try out with my […] Continue reading →

This week, my daughter and I have been talking a lot about feelings. This craft — inspired by the Feelings Art Activity segment from Ruby’s Studio — has become something she’s asked to do every single day and I’m happy to oblige! While working on this project together, you’ll get to help your child learn about how their face changes while experiencing different emotions. You can even have your little ones look in a mirror to try and draw the faces they see when they are happy, sad, frustrated and more. For this simple activity, you’ll […] Continue reading →

When I first spotted this idea on The Hippie Housewife I knew I had to give it a try with my daughter. It’s so often the simplest ideas that end up being the most effective — and in this case, it’s already become a favourite! Here’s what you need for your mess-free finger painting […] Continue reading →

  Printable Paper Craft Toys ~ Lovely, Lovely Things The Thanksgiving holiday is a thing of the past here in Canada where Nadia and I live, but our friends down south will be celebrating in a couple of weeks. For those readers living on other continents I thought I would provide you with a Thanksgiving history lesson of sorts. The holiday is celebrated primarily in North America, though there is well over a months difference between Canadian and American celebrations. Why the discrepancy in dates? In Canada Martin Frobisher can be credited for starting the Thanksgiving tradition. After a long […] Continue reading →

Happy Rosh Hashanah to all of our Jewish readers! Tonight marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year and it will run straight through until Friday. I keep coming across great recipes, activities and crafts that you can make during the holidays and wanted to share my finds with you. You may find that apples, honey, and carrots are the base of most of these recipes. That is because those three foods are eaten during Rosh Hashanah to symbolize the sweetness and good fortune of the coming year. In fact, traditionally the Rosh Hashanah meal begins by dipping apples and […] Continue reading →