About five years ago (before I became a mother) I was visiting a girlfriend who had, at the time, four kids under the age of seven.  As I stepped into her house my eyes immediately went to the multiple child size Blundstone boots scattered across the foyer.  My first thought was “HOLY SMOKES THESE ARE THE CUTEST BOOTS I HAVE EVER SEEN,” followed by “HOLY SMOKES I WOULD NEVER SPEND THAT MUCH MONEY ON A KID’S […] Continue reading →

Spring is a funny month. On one hand you are happy that the snow is melting and the sun shines warmer than usual, but on the other hand, walking, playing or just taking the kids out to the store turns into a big messy trip thanks to the mud and puddles. Rain boots are the go-to solution to this as shoes are out of the question and winter boots are too clunky for spring. Regular rain boots suit me just fine, but the kids tend to get cold toes as  the weather is still quite chilly. Bogs Boots are the […] Continue reading →

After we wrote about those wonderful Cwtches, I received a tweet on Twitter from one of our readers asking what boots we would recommend for boy toddlers. Everyone know that the choices for girls are literally endless when it comes to shoes and fashions, but what about the boys? Well, there are many fashionable boots for boys and we decided to dedicate a post to some of our favourites. The boots above are from Robeez. The model in the middle wears the classic Robeez Booties ($37.95) which are available in unisex, boys and girls colors. At the top right hand […] Continue reading →