Last year on Cyber Monday a tradition began when I logged into CanvasPop for the first time and ordered my very first Instagram canvas print. I was not sponsored in anyway, I didn’t receive any sort of coupon code from the company, it was something that I had always wanted. A framed collage using some of our favourite Instagram photos of the year. This year, I did the same thing, however I focused more on our travels as a family. The reason why I order on Cyber Monday is because they usually have a great offer (40% off) which then […] Continue reading →


We have definitely seen how hotels, resorts and businesses in the travel industry are beginning to take Instagram seriously. It’s the ideal social media network for travel, fashion and anything with a visual aspect. Turns out a company has taken it to the next step! the new 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia will be the world’s first-ever ‘Instagram Hotel’ offering plenty of photo opps on site and a free night’s stay to those who have over 10,000 followers . The hotel has recycled timber desks, freestanding bath tubs, an iPad for each room and in-room media hubs so that you […] Continue reading →

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The autumn is my favourite season. The weather is simply perfection – never too hot or too cold, and the scenery is breathtaking. We live on one of the main highways in Canada (Highway 17) and here in Northern Ontario, we experience some of the most beautiful colours in the province. You can drive along the highway for 1-2 hours without seeing anything but trees, rocks and massive boulders. After living here for almost 10 years now, this has become somewhat of a normality for me, but I still like to capture the beauty of it all. I’ve been able […] Continue reading →

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So, let’s talk about Instagram video for a second. When it first came out, I was overjoyed and excited to eliminate Vine from my social profile, however I still have yet to do so and don’t post nearly as many videos as I originally thought I would. Why? It’s a completely different dynamic. Video posted on Vine is a completely different entity compared to video posted on Instagram. First off, Instagram is my happy place. This is where I scroll through beautiful images taken by friends, colleagues and people that I admire. It’s calming and inspirational. When it comes to […] Continue reading →


If I had to guess as to what the most instagrammed location in the USA was, I would say, New York City, without missing a beat. Turns out I would be wrong. The most instagrammed area in the United States is not a state, nor is it a city or town – it’s an attraction. Any […] Continue reading →

iphone underwater

Today, we are mixing things up a bit. At 12 p.m. EST and 5 p.m. London time, we will be hosting a Twitter chat all about Instagram Travel. In case you missed our previous announcement, you can find all the details in last week’s post.  Most travel shots are taken above ground, but did you know you could also be taking Instagram shots underwater? Send Instagram shots of colourful fish in the ocean, coral or the white sand on the beaches of the Caribbean by utilizing a waterproof iPhone case. I’ve used the Lifeproof case in the past and took […] Continue reading →

Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram feed and wondered what their secret is? How do they get so many followers and likes? What are they doing that […] Continue reading →