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If you love trade and Instagram, you’re going to love our upcoming Twitter chat! Join us next Thursday where we’re going to chat about Instagram and travel.    WHAT: Twitter party to discuss about Instagram & travel with #IGTT WHEN: March 13, 2014, noon EST, 5PM GMT (that’s noon in New York and 5PM in London) WHO: Join the #IGTT Twitter party hosts @skimbaco, @childmode, @hinessightblog and @IGtravelTH We’ll be talking about how to improve our community, the destinations and travel brands that stand out the most on Instagram and we’ll be sharing our favourite photos, tips and destinations. Use the  #IGTT hashtag to participate and follow along! We […] Continue reading →


As you know, I’m a huge fan of Instagram and tend to use it constantly during my travels. Last year I put a post together listing some of my favourite Instagram gift ideas that use your photos to create incredible gifts and products. Today, I’m taking a more fashionable approach. I’ve been a huge fan of Buy My Crap on Etsy. They create some of the most unique pieces using the photos that you send prior. The funky bangle pictured above is made from resin, as are the ring and watch shown below. I love how the possibilities for these […] Continue reading →


As a travel writer who focuses on family travel, I take a lot of photos of my kids during our trips. I don’t upload them all, nor do I share them all, instead I share a select few through my Instagram feed. What I have noticed over the past few years is that taking photos of a destination, location, attraction or monument WITH a person adds a whole new level of interest. Take the photo above for example. It’s a shot that I took of the harbour. Sure it’s nice, but the one of my daughter looking out out at […] Continue reading →


Pow wows are a big thing here in Northern Ontario and more abundant than in an either part of the province. I’ve been to several in my life, however the best experience I’d ever had was in Wikwemikong on Manitoulin Island. With 5 children between us (all 6 and under), my friend and I arrived at the grounds bright and early before any of the festivities started. We walked around, marveled at the arts and crafts for sale, tried on the handmade jewelry and found our seats before the crowd arrived. It turns out, this was the smartest thing we […] Continue reading →

Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram feed and wondered what their secret is? How do they get so many followers and likes? What are they doing that […] Continue reading →

Road trips are a wonderful opportunity to whip out your camera and start clicking, however it can be slightly tricky to get unique shots and interesting perspectives. During our road trip to North Bay I asked my husband to pull over so that I could take a photo of the beautiful yellow field of canola that went on and on forever. I had passed it on my way through the first time and believe it or not, my girls were the ones that begged me to take a picture on the way back. Unfortunately it was too dark on the […] Continue reading →

When I first started taking photos on Instagram, I used the app’s camera. That quickly changed when I found that other apps worked much more efficiently and produced a photo quality that exceeded Instagram’s built-in camera, so I began to take photos with those other apps and then upload them into Instagram minutes […] Continue reading →