We’ve found it! The perfect sun bonnet for babies! Summer is my favorite time of year when it comes to dressing little ones. I don’t have to wear about bulky coats or layers of clothes to keep my babies warm. Instead, I usually put my girls in a light and airy romper or dress and we are ready to go. Since we spend most of our summer days outside, protection from the sun is an absolute must. Sunscreen, sun hats, and sometimes sunglasses are required. When I stumbled upon Urban Baby Bonnets, I fell in love. These sweet little sun […] Continue reading →

A great selection of winter headwear is a must in any budding fashionista’s closet! Winter is the time for kids to wear bright, fun colours and dress up warm, which this hat allows you to do amazingly well whilst keeping up with the ongoing ‘Boho’ fashion trend that is still raging onwards. Children’s clothing by Deux par Deux are made from ultra-comfortable, cozy materials decorated with amusing designs and playful messages, punctuated with sparkling colors. This hat and scarft set  is Machine washable (essential for winter usage) and prices start from from £35.50. It comes in a selection of age […] Continue reading →

When temperatures drop, hats are wonderful for keeping warm. Now is the best time to grab a warm hat for your little man’s style, before Fall and Winter come in. Here are the top three hat styles that boys love to wear as cold weather rolls in. Choosing a hat that your son will love makes it easier to make sure he wears it as he heads outside. The Beanie No matter how big or little your boy is, a basic beanie is great for cool weather wear. Found in an assortment of colors and styles, this fall the screen printed […] Continue reading →

If your looking for a unique hat, guaranteed to be original, this has got to be it! Featuring fun ear flips, this owl hat is made with super soft wool, acrylic and cotton yarn. Sizes range from 5T-8T, and custom orders are always welcome. Just be sure to message the seller before purchasing! Price: $32.00 from Ira Rott […] Continue reading →

She’s got a new backpack, plenty of cute clothes, and a great pair of shoes. Now what about her hair? Try these fun and funky hair accessories for head to toe back to school style. Mad About Plaid Plaid is a huge trend this fall, with the striped style showing up on nearly everything. Shirts, shoes, and even socks can be found sporting this rustic pattern. If your little girls wants to join the fun, but does not want to look like a lumberjack, try a pair of plaid inspired hair clips instead. From soft pastels to bolder colors, plaid […] Continue reading →

Mooooove over leopard and cheetah, the newest animal print love is the humble cow! Sure, they’re big and bulky and not very exotic, but kids adore these sweet creatures more than the jungle cats that the adults are hunting. Want to make your toddler smile? Skip the wild and go straight for the cow. Cow print seems to be covering everything this year. Baby girl dresses, baby hats, and even baby shoes are mimicking the black and white spots of the typical Holstein. There is just no escaping that cows are getting a lot of attention this fall. Luckily, it […] Continue reading →

Well, the kids are off on their Summer break here, so that means 6 weeks of madness in our household! We live by the beach though, so with relief it means that there will be plenty of opportunities to get outside in the sun and get some much needed space and fresh air when the house starts getting filled with toys and bored kids. With this in mind, I’ve been looking at a mix of designer and high street kid’s sun hats that would be perfect for beach wear and everyday use through the summer holidays. Here’s five of my […] Continue reading →