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I’ve been a big fan of Tiny Tags for many years now, in fact I’ve followed Melissa Clayton’s journey as an entrepreneur since the very beginning! Her simple initial tags, oxidized and hand stamped have always held a close place to my heart (literally). It’s the one piece of jewelry that I wear non-stop, especially when I travel. It’s always hard to leave my kids, but somehow wearing their names against my heart helps. Recently, Melissa unveiled her new Open Loop Collection and dare I say, it’s my all-time favourite! Available in sterling silver, 14K gold or 24K gold plated, these […] Continue reading →


My daughter’s first Christmas (back in 2009!) was magical and memorable. At nearly a year old, she took in the sights and sounds and was absolutely mesmerized by our Christmas tree, holidays lights, and all of the presents stacked up on the morning of December 25th. It’s such a special time for parents — to watch their children enjoy the wonders of their very first holiday season! Today I wanted to share some cute ideas that would make for great gifts or keepsakes for baby’s 1st Christmas! Baby’s First Christmas Onesie with Headband and Leg Warmers via C & E […] Continue reading →

  If you are still on the lookout for holiday gift ideas and if you missed our previous picks, here is the list of our 2011 Holiday Gift Picks. Best Gifts For Newborns & New Mamas Best Gifts For Mom Best Gifts For Dad Best Gifts For Girly Girls Best Gifts For Boys Best Gifts For Family & Friends Best Gifts […] Continue reading →

My name is Nadia Carriere and I am an Instagram addict. There, I said it. Yes, like so many others out there, I am hopelessly addicted to the photography/social media app Instagram. I use to to take pictures of my kids, shots of interesting objects, views, travel shots, you name it. The filters are amazing, the photos always look spectacular and because of this I tend to use the app more often then the regular camera feature on my iPhone. The problem with Instagram, is the printing situation. You can’t get these shots printed at just any online digital print […] Continue reading →

With Halloween behind us and the Holiday season is just around the corner, many people are already making their lists and checking them twice! Holiday shopping will be in full force anytime, which equates to chaos in the shops. Luckily we have the ability to shop online, and this has certainly taken some of the stress out of the busy shopping season. One of my favorite things about shopping online, is the huge variety of options. For years I have turned to the internet for wooden alternatives to cheap plastic toys, which were much more difficult to find a few […] Continue reading →

I think these would make such an elegant gift! Gianna Rose’s beautiful robin’s blue colored, egg-shaped soaps are a beautiful addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Infused with wheat bran for exfoliation, the soaps offer a soft and calming, meadowsweet and chamomile fragrance. Price: […] Continue reading →

Music isn’t the first gift that comes to mind, when gifting a toddler. Toys, clothing, books – yes – but music? Personally, I’m not a big fan of children’s music. My kids listen to what mummy listens to and I put on the occasion Raffi, Sharon, Lois & Bran and Alvin & The Chipmunks (even though my head just about explodes every single time it plays). Anyways, I received a personalized copy of Name Your Tune‘s latest cd ‘Name Your Tune 2′, a couple of months ago while attending a conference, and my kids are hooked – line and sinker. […] Continue reading →