I came across an interesting children’s table yesterday called Eat Play Grow. This design intrigued me right from the moment I laid eyes on it and saw greens peeking up. I love any children’s product that is disguised as a toy that can teach important lessons or concepts. In this case, it will educate your child on what it takes to grow food and they will likely even eat what they grow themselves! UK-Based designer Ruth Vatcher, designed the Eat Play Grow table with these ideas in mind. She used a gorgeous slab of wood that doubles as a chopping […] Continue reading →

What an interesting concept! Leaning Molds are composed of two separate pieces that are made out of recycled plastic.  This furniture system is designed so that people lean up against it instead of sitting. Each piece is meant for a different purpose – one for leaning and the other for back support. The pieces fit together like a puzzle, attach to the wall and can be used side by side, or separately. You can use them in different ways to create various patterns or individually as just one piece. The style isn’t really suited for my own taste, but it […] Continue reading →

I love the design of this blanket box by Nicki Piercy. The woodland theme reminds me of Autumn days and I think it would look amazing in a children’s bedroom. Great for storage and imagine it with a selection of woodland toys resting on top! Adorable, right? Because it is hand painted, the price is slightly more than we’d usually pay for a blanket box but there is just something about its charm that makes it a completely irresistible buy. Plus, hand made items are always so much more unique when places around them […] Continue reading →

Little Nest is a company that designs children’s furniture like no other. Unlike the typical cartoon covered, plastic and gimicky pieces, Little Nest has modeled their pieces on the designs of some of their most iconic mid-century masterpieces that were made famous by visionaries such as Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Eero Aarnio and Harry Bertoia. Since it’s launch in 2009, Little Nest has quickly grown in popularity do to the rave reviews from style watchers and trend setters across the globe. The range includes delightful child-sized revivals of classic chairs such as the Egg and Ball chairs, the […] Continue reading →

Talk about sass! Sully, the clock has his hands on his hips and portrays an attitude, not so easily found in grand “child” clocks. Crafted from mostly stained maple, Sullivan is a luxurious splurge and a fabulous find! As, each and every one of these items are custom-made upon order, expect a delay in shipment (around 10 weeks). Price: $8,100.00 from […] Continue reading →

The Olga delivers all of the fun of a rocking horse with twice the imagination! Honestly, this could be anything: a car, rabbit, rhinoceros, you name it! Recommended for ages 2 to 4, this rocker is made from laminated plywood and beach and nylon belt. Size: 10.8″ W × 29.9″ L × 15.7″ H. Price: $300.00 from […] Continue reading →

Victorian furniture has such a charm and class to it. I’ve always been drawn to the colors and classic design of vintage furniture. This child sized cupboard is so charming and has such character. Painted in cream, pinks and greens, this mini closet has smokey pink stained glass on the cupboard doors. The drawers are lined with coordinating paper to add an authentic feel. This is a piece that is sure to become a family heirloom! Measures: 14.5″ x 14″ x 7.5″. Price: $275.00 from Storybook Paintings […] Continue reading →