As much as I love cooking, some nights I really don’t want to cook. You know those nights where you just don’t have the energy to cook and you’d rather just order a pizza or something? Comfort food with minimal effort? Those are the nights I turn to this recipe for a quick and easy meal that even my super picky toddler loves. It’s simple, fresh and delicious – and it takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Plus I feel so much better about serving this to my family rather than ordering a greasy pizza. Cappellini Pomodoro serves 4 Ingredients: ¼ cup olive […] Continue reading →

Salted Caramel Apple Cider Donuts

Over the last few weeks I’ve attempted to change the way my children snack by making more of their treats at home. Applesauce, fresh fruit and veggies are usually the snacks of choice for school lunches, but I’ve found myself scanning the cookie and granola bar isle more times than I’d like to admit. Granted there are quite a few healthy options out there, but making these treats at home take little to no effort and I prefer to have control over the amount of sugar used as well as the ingredient list overall. My kids love Timbits, the little […] Continue reading →


Happy Food Friday! Have you ever wondered how to make homemade iced tea? I absolutely love the taste of a refreshing glass of iced tea on a hot summers day and I love it even more when I make it myself. Not only does homemade iced tea have less sugar and more flavor, it also is cheaper to make and can be made in minutes. I often prepare a large jug of iced tea, of different varieties, every week and it is always a hit.  I like being able to control the amount of sugar and caffeine that goes into […] Continue reading →


Quick and easy, this tasty macaroni dish dubbed “Monday Macaroni” is my mother-in-law’s favourite go-to dinner. I have adopted and adapted the recipe and used it plenty of times in my house during those “I have no time but need to make lots of food” situations.  It is rich, comforting, and oh so delicious.  It is the perfect make ahead meal as well.  Prepare the night before and bake it at 375 for 45 minutes and you are good […] Continue reading →

With summer vacation right around the corner I know many have made the preliminary plans and booked cottages and campsites for the upcoming holiday.  I am so excited because this summer will mark my first time taking my girls camping.  This clever recipe from Oh She Glows really excited me because it’s a practical and creative way to pack some homemade goodness into your camping […] Continue reading →


When I was a kid I loved fruit roll ups. We weren’t allowed to have them too often which made each opportunity to enjoy the sticky, sugary, colourful snack that much more amazing.  Now that I have children of my own I completely know why fruit roll ups didn’t make it into the house very often.  When a friend told me that you can make them at home from scratch I jumped at the chance and made my own . After some research I learned various tips and techniques from a few different websites and I now have my “things […] Continue reading →


This Greek style dish has become a favorite in our household.  Adapted from Ina Garten’s Spinach Pie recipe, I have made some changes along they way and it always pleases the crowd.   The buttery, flakey phyllo crust is perfectly paired with the flavorful spinach mixture and when my four year old asks for seconds, I know it’s a […] Continue reading →