Laken & Lila ~ Damask Holiday Dress ~ $42.50 USD The holidays are just around the corner, and one of my favorite things to do during this period of time is to hit up Etsy and look around for handmade goodies to gain some gift giving inspiration. What better way to feel good about holiday shopping than to buy from someone that is crafting work using their own hands, and putting a ton of love into every item they create? Another habit that I seem have gotten myself into is spacing out staring at the adorable clothing for little girls. […] Continue reading →

How cute are these pillows? My girls would freak out if I ever brought one of these home for them! No scratch that, I would have to bring several home, because they would most likely want a full ‘bouquet’. Amanda Valentine from Buffalo, New York is the designer of these Fleece Hydrangea Pillows. These cute accessories are cut by hand and stuffed with hypoallergenic Poly-fil. They are great for kids to snuggle up with! Price: $32.00 from […] Continue reading →

Many of you may have heard of the name Jill McDonald in the past, and if you haven’t, you have certainly seen her work. She is a Missouri based Illustrator who has accomplished quite a lot in the seven years she has been specializing in children’s art. She has had her work featured at Babies ‘R’ Us in the form of crib sets, and also sells her work over at Land of Nod among others. As if she weren’t busy enough, I’ve just learned that she has taken on a new venture – Tada by Jill McDonald – an Etsy […] Continue reading →

We have featured many different types of reusable wall art in the past, however, I just stumbled on a company on Etsy that truly captures the essence of whimsy and fun and I had to share! Los Angeles-based designers Pop & Lolli use fun characters and bold designs that are full of personality to perfectly suit the care-free attitude of children. This line is unique from others of its kind as it allows for mixing and matching. The designs are all in a similar theme, so you can change things up if you feel that the room needs a change. […] Continue reading →

It’s a fact of parenthood: Your baby is going to want your cell phone! How many times have they grabbed your gadgets right out of your hand? Drooled on them? Thrown them? Deleted your contacts, or called China for a chat? Perhaps, if we’re clever enough, we can pop one of these fun faux phones into their hands and they’ll be none the wiser… and don’t worry, there’s no plastic here! These phones are baby-mouth friendly! How sweet is this handmade cell toy from Wood Mouse? Such a cute design, these little phones are available in an array of colours, […] Continue reading →

One of the most exciting parts about waiting for a new baby is, of course, decorating the nursery! If you’ve got a bun in the oven — or if you’ll be heading to some fun summertime baby showers! — then you’ve got to check out the gorgeous paper mobiles available from Cactus And Olive. From sparrows to bumblebees, tractors to airplanes, these meticulously handcrafted mobiles will add a pop of whimsy to any tot’s space! I have fallen in love with these sweet little designs, so detailed and crafted with love by a graphic designer, living and loving life in […] Continue reading →

We all know kids like to make a lot of noise, so why not get an instrument in those adorable hands to start cultivating their natural talents! Any tot is sure to enjoy these organic wooden percussion instruments from Wee Woodworks. A simple design: one fun shaped toy and a wooden stick to run along it’s back, creating some seriously groovy washboard-like sounds. A must-have for any family band! Available in four kid-friendly shapes — your little one can choose either the hedgehog, alligator, Triceratops or T-Rex! Eco-savvy mamas will also be happy to hear that these great toys are […] Continue reading →