We’ve seen plenty of growth charts in our travels. Princess themes, Jack and the Beanstalk, ABC’s, 123’s, the variety is plentiful to say the least! What I haven’t seen is well…the obvious – a ruler! Makes sense […] Continue reading →

Fingerprint Thumbprint Keepsake Necklace ~ Baby Tags Jewelery ~ $125 USD Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, May 13th), and each year that passes I find myself more appreciative of both my own Mother, and other Mother’s around me. I am also finding that nearly every year another family member will celebrate their very First Mother’s Day. It is an important date where we celebrate our families and they celebrate us. It has been a long time since I have written one of my favorite round-ups, an Etsy Round Up! Etsy has always been my go-to spot for inspiration, […] Continue reading →

Made from a soft and fuzzy fabric, these cozy slippers allow your little people to unleash their inner monsters in a constructive way. The claws are made from a faux leather and are sewn into the toe seams securely. The soles are made with a micro-suede shearling material and are soft on the inside while providing a non-slip on the outside (great for new walkers). The slippers are available in various colors and sizes for infants, toddlers and adults but note they sell out fast! I clicked on the brown ones and within 2 minutes they were gone. Price: $33.00 […] Continue reading →

If a playroom rug is next on your shopping list, you many want to consider this beautiful custom made rainbow version from Eleven Sides on Etsy. This made to order rug can be made in any color combination, however the rainbow is simply gorgeous. As you can see you can have a traditional rainbow or one reversed. All rows have two bands of each color (one pale and one strong) against a white background. Stitches are alternated into the color providing an overall look of extra texture and visual interest. So gorgeous! The one pictured above is 52″ in diameter. […] Continue reading →

Crowns for babies, yes there is such a thing. These beautiful little handmade crowns are perfect for your little prince or princess. Each delicate crown is hand-crocheted and measures 3.5″ in diameter. It is designed to sit on top of your sleeping baby’s head and makes such a great photo prop. Price: $18.00 from GiggledPink on Etsy Cover image by Elizabeth Nord Photography (www.elizabethnordphotography.com) […] Continue reading →

There are all sorts of fun ‘rocking animals’ for kids to play with these days, but none quite as realistic as The Rocking Sheep. While roaming through Etsy I cam across these handmade rockers from California which are made using Baltic birch plywood, reclaimed scrap wood and real sheepskin. The wood is then finished off with a low V.O.C. water-based polyurethane, making this as earth-friendly as it is […] Continue reading →

How adorable are these pins! Each mini crown is made out of polymer clay and then placed on a bobby pin. The “You Are My Princess” set is made by Dariami on Etsy and comes with two bobby pins for $20.00. I think these are a great idea for birthday parties, photo shoots or just every day fun. Although I’m not one to wear a crown pin on my own head, this set would be ideal for my girls who love to match! via Handmade […] Continue reading →