Teaching our children about money and the value of a dollar is something we have been striving for over the past year. In November we took the girls out to choose their own piggy banks and opened up their own savings accounts. Although we haven’t started with the allowance bit yet, we have given them money on occasion which they were excited to place in their little banks and by seeing the physicality of it, they are beginning to understand the concept of saving, how much is needed to buy an item, etc. As a fan of educational apps, I […] Continue reading →

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for the freedom and opportunity that I have as a woman, wife and mother here in North America. This is something many of us take for granted and the reality of the fact is many women don’t have the same opportunities due to lack of funding. In lieu of International Women’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to share information on an incredible organization that I was recently introduced to. Vittana is an incredible non-profit that makes otherwise unattainable loans for higher and vocational education […] Continue reading →

There are so many flash sale and daily deal sites out there, but none so far like Microsoft’s new BING Deals. What makes this one stand out from all the others? Well, for starters it helps to support the fundraising efforts of individual schools across  the USA while at the same time saving you money on the products you love. At the beginning of the school year, the plea heard in every classroom, from teachers across the country is: “We don’t have enough money – can you please bring extra supplies?” Microsoft has come up with a very interesting and innovative […] Continue reading →

Montessori is all of the rage right now with many North American families, but it is not the only alternative education around. There are plenty of other options available to parents of school aged children including Reggio Emilia, Charlotte Mason, and Waldorf, which may be the most common after Montessori. Waldorf education, named after Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, provides what some may call a “holistic” approach to education. Its curriculum holds the philosophy that children should be “actively, emotionally, and thoughtfully” engaged in their learning, with the belief that children already have their true potential inside them and it simply […] Continue reading →

Recently, my clever little 2-year-old has expressed a serious interest in telling time. She’s obsessed with the digital alarm clock in my bedroom and always asks, “What time is it?” when she sees an analog clock hanging in sight. This new phase has prompted me to start looking for a cute wall clock for her bedroom… and so far I’ve found some great ones! Like this DIY Robot Colouring Clock — what a neat idea! It comes with three non-toxic crayons, but I have a hunch you could get pretty creative with this timepiece, decorating to your child’s content and […] Continue reading →

Sarah Michelle Gellar is using her celebrity for good this summer. The actress has teamed up with “The Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program” to raise awareness about the importance of children’s literacy in order to encourage children to continue reading after school and throughout the summer months. A few days ago, Sarah paid a visit to the Los Angeles Public Library’s historic Central Library to read to children and share her love of reading. She said: “As a mother and avid reader, I am excited to be participating in ‘The Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program’ to […] Continue reading →