Although I still use my diaper bags from time to time during outings with the kids, I am an avid designer bag collector and have been for quite some time. The one thing that really irks me is the very existence of a counterfeit bag. Designs are original to the incredibly talented designers who dream them up and to have someone rip them off with their own knock-off is appalling. eBay used to be filled with such counterfeits but lately I’ve noticed that there are fewer and fewer fakes out there compared to the […] Continue reading →

Last month Bugaboo auctioned off an exclusive one-of-a-kind stroller designed be British artist and designer Zakee Shariff. Bugaboo used the auction to celebrate their two year anniversary of its partnership with HIV charity RED. Bugaboo has been working with the charity since 2009 and by donating 1% of their total revenue, have been able to provide treatment for over 70,000 HIV positive pregnant women. Taking inspiration from the bold style of her clothing line, Zakee spruced up the Bugaboo Cameleon with a vibrant lion motif. The custom Cameleon was then auctioned on eBay from October 25-31 and sold for £890. […] Continue reading →

Did you know that today is World AIDS Day? To help eliminate AIDS in Africa, and in honor of this special day, (RED), Bugaboo teamed up with world renowned style icon, musician and mama of two, Gwen Stefani, to design and create a custom, one-of-a-kind Bugaboo Cameleon stroller. To raise funds for the Global Fund, Bugaboo has put this stroller up for auction on eBay where it will run through December 5, 2010 with 100% of the proceeds will go to the Global Fund. Gwen Stefani is a long time fan of Bugaboo, and has been spotted using the brand […] Continue reading →

Wow, talk about cool technology! Whether you are shopping for Women’s, Men’s, Kid’s or Baby fashions, eBay’s new fashion app simplifies your shopping experience and makes it fun. You can try on a pair of jeans, create outfits, bid, watch or share items and outfits with your friends. Check out the video above to watch more and learn about this amazing new application for your iPhone or iPod […] Continue reading →

Edith Bowman and Natasha Hamilton were among the attendees at the Launch of Johnson’s Baby Celebrity Hand Me Down at the St Martins Hotel in London yesterday (May 25). In an aim to raise funds for the baby charity Tommy’s, Johnson’s® Baby brand is giving everyone a chance to win some of your favourite celebrity mums’ exclusive hand-me-downs and baby essentials. Celebrity moms have donated their treasured items and essential gifts to support Tommy’s. Some of the packages include, Bluebell’s baby bath and bath treats from Geri Halliwell, Scarlet’s designer baby blanket from Melanie C, and a personalized new mum […] Continue reading →