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I still remember the first time I bathed my babies. Their tiny little bodies touching the water for the first time, splashing their little hands in the sink as I tried to wash their slippery arms and legs.  Oh, how I miss those days! My son is on his way to washing himself now! Learning to bathe your new baby can be a little scary – there’s a lot to juggle and of course you want to keep your little one safe. But as long you’re properly prepared, bath time can be a great bonding experience and a whole lot of fun! Disney […] Continue reading →

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Disney is one of those brands that has introduced magic to our family. It’s one that supported me through the birth and toddlerhood of my son through Disney Baby, introduced us to magical sights at both Disneyland and Disney World and gave me my first taste of a “running addiction” with RunDisney. I’m very proud to announce that I am now a Disney Baby Mom Ambassador. As part of this partnership, I’ll be sharing many exciting tips and upcoming news on promotions, products and the latest and greatest from Disney Baby! Photography is the one thing that has allowed me […] Continue reading →

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Each and every one of your baby’s first experiences is magical. They are  major milestones every mother likes to share. As you know, I wrote for Disney Baby and shared his firsts from 0-2 years. It was a sad farewell for me as the brand became somewhat of a family. Paired with the fact that my son was no longer officially a ‘baby’ and you have a very emotional mama!  I wrote an entire post about what Disney Baby means to me over on their blog if you’d like to check it out. It really sums up how they are […] Continue reading →

I’ve always said Disney should do a maternity line and guess what? Yesterday they announced that they have done just that! Disney Baby has collaborated with Basq, a luxury skincare company (one which I am absolutely in love with) to create a maternity skin care line for moms. The products are filled with omega rich oils and look fabulous. There are six products in total and a gift set available for purchase as well. I posted all the details, photos and purchasing information over on Disney Baby if you want to take a […] Continue reading →

It’s live! Disney Baby has officially launched their brand new blog and I couldn’t be more excited to join the fabulous team of bloggers who will also be contributing to the site. From inspirational posts, tips from moms, crafty ideas, fashion features and conversations between parents, Disney Baby Blog will feature parenting voices from a variety of different parents and experts. Two of my posts are up already in case you would like to take a peek. Top 10 Baby Quotes (some brought tears to my eyes, but I’m also a sap so….) and 5 Things I Wish I Knew […] Continue reading →

As you know, when it comes to fashion, I’m a fan of anything pint-sized. From the cute dresses for girls to the suits and shoes for boys, I love it all! With summer come collections that are bright, cheery and so stinking cute you don’t know what to do with yourself. There are however, 2 styles that we prefer for hot summer days – the Romper and Coveralls. Since my son is growing insanely fast (he almost weighs as much as his 3 year-old sister), I had to pick up a few essentials last week as he has already outgrown […] Continue reading →

The heat has been stifling in our neighborhood with temperatures reaching the mid 90’s daily. Because of this crazy heat wave, my girls have been wearing their loose nightgowns instead of their usual pajamas and my son has ditched the PJs for something a little cooler and comfier – the baby […] Continue reading →