With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought I would share my favorite, never-fail, unbelievable every, single, time, recipe for apple pie. The recipe comes from King Arthur Flour and hasn’t been changed or modified in any way, because well – its perfect! I’ve been making this time and time again for our family. In fact, I have one baking in the oven as we speak. If you don’t have access to boiled cider, plain maple syrup will do. The boiled cider is out of this world though and you can purchase it through the Baker’s […] Continue reading →

This delightful dessert is on the menu for this weekend! Thanks again to the great Jamie Oliver, be sure to visit his site for more recipes. This is such a great recipe. The thing I love most about it is how simple it is. All you need to do is buy some ready-made puff pastry, split a few bananas in half and get something magical happening in the oven! You just have to be extremely careful when you flip it out on to a board as hot caramel can burn quite badly. It’s best to cover your hand with a […] Continue reading →