I can’t say I’ve ever come across anything quite as interesting as the ‘Snug’. Designed by Kumeko, this unique sack is made up of a 100% wool felt sleeve that has been lined with Jersey tubes that have been stuffed with polyurethane foam. There is a belt on the top of the sleeve that can be adjusted to fit and support your body. Such an interesting concept! It looks like an insulated potato sack, but I can definitely see how it would be comfortable and my kids would get a huge thrill out […] Continue reading →


How adorable is this Calvin and Hobbes themed kid’s bedroom? This sweet space was made in Finland by redditor pellari with the help of his sister. The mural was painted free-hand using an original Calvin & Hobbs drawing as inspiration and that bunk bed you see? It was made using a second hand bed which already came with a slide. They added in the wood laminate and wooden planks to add more of an authentic feel to the whole […] Continue reading →

It would be wonderful if Europeans would come to America and teach our government how to build a public school. Because really, doesn’t every child deserve a rainbow in the middle of their playground and whale dividers in the washrooms? I say it should be […] Continue reading →


For children and adults alike, the desire to have your own special place to relax, think, play, and dream is endless.   Playing in a giant cardboard box as a child or under a table covered in blankets was always such a fun, magical game, where you could pretend to be anyone, anywhere. As adults, these moments may seem few and far between.  Busy, busy, busy we are keeping up with our kids, with relationships, with life, which doesn’t seem to leave much time to chill. Am I right? Seeking a place to do just that, a couple in Bogota, Columbia […] Continue reading →

Good design can brighten your spirits and of course make your space look beautiful, but there is a new study that is about to go underway that is trying to understand the extent to which healing spaces promote health and healing during hospitalization Researchers at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, formerly Children’s Memorial, will be using the Crown Sky Garden, a 5-thousand square foot garden on the 11th floor of the 23 story hospital as a focal point of the study. The garden, named in honor of Chicago’s philanthropic Crown family, includes dozens of bamboo trees, […] Continue reading →

If only schools everywhere could look this good! Ford Elementary, a sustainable school in Richmond, California will be holding their grand opening on Saturday, May 19th to show off the interior and exterior of their beautiful school. We have a couple of photos of the school that we wanted to share because, well, how gorgeous is it? The two-story building, awhirl with bright colors and shapes, was designed by Sally Swanson Architects. Ms. Swanson, founding principal and CEO, explains, “Our goal is to provide a community-based school that is secure, totally green and healthy, and also delightful—relating to the age […] Continue reading →

If we are talking innovation, I think that the “door within a door” may be one of the most innovate designs I have come across in quite some time. Such a simple concept, yet something that I have never come across before as a “real” comprehensive design. The “minjjoo” door is the brainchild of German designers Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller (jjoo Designs), in collaboration with door manufacturer Holitsch. The design was created to allow children to feel more independent and confident, much as the Montessori model of teaching stresses having everything (including bathroom sinks, etc.) at a lower level […] Continue reading →