Alphabet Photography Let Them Be

First off, I love the name of this collection! It’s so fitting and so perfect especially when you’re dealing with children as your subject. Celebrity Photographer Jennifer Blakeley recently released her highly anticipated photography collection this week titled “Let Them Be” artistically depicting young children laughing, being silly, and exhibiting genuine emotion. The collection comes as a response to Blakeley’s frustration in observing society, through the use of social media pressuring parents to push their children to be better, do more, act older and just grow up too quickly. “Sometimes, we just need to let kids be kids. Let them […] Continue reading →


As mothers we are constantly snapping photos of our kids, right? Our Instagram accounts and Facebook pages prove our attention to detail when it comes to documenting the lives our of our little ones. Sometimes, parents — and other child photographers indeed — take photos that take the world by storm. Sometimes we can’t look away and we simply crave to know more. Today I wanted to share some honestly incredible portraits of children that you’ll be thinking about for days. Take a peek below for five photographers who took the art of portraiture to the next level! Grab your hot […] Continue reading →

Photography whether it be traditional, digital or smart phone driven is a big passion of mine but only became so after I had children. I wanted to capture every, single, moment of their lives which in turn caused me to take photography a little more seriously. A family, children, babies, mothers, fathers, they are all subjects that I never tire of […] Continue reading →