If you’ve been following Victoria Beckham on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that she was recently in China to debut her latest fashion collection and to launch a limited edition Range Rover. Thanks to her photo updates, we’ve been able to take a peek at her adorable fashion choices for her daughter Harper as well as for herself. These gorgeous mother-and-daughter outfits are not ‘matchy, matchy’ per say, however they do compliment each other quite nicely. For a lesson on how to dress your baby, take notes from Victoria! Day 1 in Beijing: the mom-of-four went with the […] Continue reading →

Have you seen the new commercial with Gwen Stefani for her new line with Target? It’s…. interesting. What do you think of the […] Continue reading →

Although we originally wrote and provided you with most of the details of Gwen Stefani‘s latest collaboration with Target in July, we wanted to provide you with this sneak peek look at the line. Making its grand debut November 13, the Harajuku Mini Collection for Target will be Gwen Stefani‘s most extensive fashion collection for kids and […] Continue reading →

Elton John and his partner David Furnish became parents after welcoming their son Zachary, into the world last December. Like most doting daddies, these two have made a habit of reading to their son every night. Elton spoke to British radio station Magic FM last week and said: “Every night at 6.30pm we read him a story.” “That’s the highlight of the day. I’ve become an expert on children’s books.” Curious as to what his favorite books are? “Of course we’ve done the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’! He likes ‘Stick Man’ and also ‘The Gruffalo’. Author Julia Donaldson is amazing, she’s fantastic.” Oh we […] Continue reading →

Facebook is one of the #1 places that people go to in order to ask for the opinions and advice from friends and family. Apparently, celebrities do the very same! David Beckham decided to ask over 11 million of his Facebook friends to help him locate a very special mobile for his daughter. Last Friday the hunky husband of Victoria Beckham updated his status with: “Hey guys, need your help. I have been looking everywhere for this mobile for the little one arriving soon. It seems to be sold out, does anyone know where we can buy one? It’s cute isn’t […] Continue reading →

I don’t think I would have expected any less from the impeccably chic Audrey Hepburn! In this relaxed photo taken by Henry Clarke for Vogue in 1971, Audrey walked barefoot dressed in a casual summer dress with her hair tied back in a kerchief as she pushed her son Luca in a Silver Cross pram. Although I am not 100% sure, it looks like a Balmoral. It is rare to see Audrey in such a relaxed setting, especially in her mom element. This is such a beautiful photo! Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair & […] Continue reading →

One of the highlights at the ABC Kids Expo this year, was being introduced to the brand-new company PetitNest. Founded by actress Tiffani Thiessen, and award-winning designer Lonni Paul, this collection of nursery furniture, decor and accessories is filled with simple yet striking designs that are unique and made to grow with your child. Both Tiffani and Lonni were extremely pleasant and took time out of their busy day to introduce me to their designs and answer some questions I had about their collection. I really love how PetitNest has done away with the traditional “pink and blue” theme. Every […] Continue reading →