Whether the kiddos are sharing a bedroom, or needing a spot for their stuffed animal collection to sleep, bunk beds can be a fun way to add a little vertical interest to a kid’s bedroom. When I was a little girl I had bunk beds in my room which I used to make into forts when my friends would come visit for a sleepover. I loved arranging my toys on the top bunk while I snoozed on the bottom — or I’d sleep up top for a change and spend hours just reading under the covers. Bunk beds are a […] Continue reading →

Day dreaming and imaginative play is the right of every child and can be done in simple and big ways. This would be considered ‘BIG’ in my books! How about sleeping in a train station with a general store […] Continue reading →

Creating eye-catching designs and sensual forms is the goal of Mimondo and they certainly succeeded with these Wave bunk beds. When I first laid eyes on these amazing works of art, I wasn’t quite sure as to whether I was looking at a piece of furniture or some kind of modern art form. Turns out, they are both. Mimondo’s philosophy is to create and market durable furniture that surprises by using and experimenting with simpler and more aesthetic shapes than what is usually seen in furniture for children and teenagers. This Denmark based company works with a wide range of […] Continue reading →