Two days ago, Bugaboo announced the launch of the bold new special edition Bugaboo Cameleon3 Ocean. With its matte black chassis paired with the pop of fresh and modern blue fabrics, this new stroller will be sold exclusively through buybuyBABY both in-store and online starting this […] Continue reading →

Have you been looking through the fashion magazines this season? Neon is everywhere and brightening up everything from the kids stores to the catwalks. Bugaboo integrated this trend back in May when they introduced the Bugaboo Cameleon+ Neon and matching Bugaboo Footmuff. The collection did so well that they decided to expand the line and recently launched the Bugaboo Bee Neon and matching Bugaboo Accessories: Bugaboo Baby Cocoon and Bugaboo […] Continue reading →

This morning, Bugaboo announced that they will be introducing the next generation of strollers with their light and compact, all-in-one-and-only, multi-terrain stroller: the Bugaboo Cameleon3. Bugaboo owners and lovers will agree that the original Cameleon is a premium stroller with innovative design that is both functional and practical. The 3rd generation of this iconic stroller just got even better! Since its release in 2005, Bugaboo’s team of engineers and designers have refined and redesigned 90% of the stroller, based on continuously evolving insights and consumer feedback. What they have come up with is a new stroller with a faster and […] Continue reading →

Bugaboo has just recently introduced two new special-edition stroller colors! The Cameleon can now be purchased in the gorgeous navy/off-white pictured above for $979.99. I have to say the colors go fantastically well together. Also, right on trend. Blue – especially navy – is super hot this […] Continue reading →

Last month Bugaboo auctioned off an exclusive one-of-a-kind stroller designed be British artist and designer Zakee Shariff. Bugaboo used the auction to celebrate their two year anniversary of its partnership with HIV charity RED. Bugaboo has been working with the charity since 2009 and by donating 1% of their total revenue, have been able to provide treatment for over 70,000 HIV positive pregnant women. Taking inspiration from the bold style of her clothing line, Zakee spruced up the Bugaboo Cameleon with a vibrant lion motif. The custom Cameleon was then auctioned on eBay from October 25-31 and sold for £890. […] Continue reading →

The big news from Bugaboo came last year when they gave everyone a sneak peek look at their first double stroller – the Donkey. This year, there aren’t any major announcements but there are a couple of new products and accessories to look forward to as well as some important safety information on the Bee. First off is Bugaboo’s new stroller color. This beautiful shade of blue will be available with the Cameleon. There is also a neat little snack tray coming out that clicks on to the strollers. There is also a brand new snack tray coming out. It […] Continue reading →

Bugaboo recalled their car seat adapter and wheeled board today after receiving one report of a fall involving an infant who sustained cuts and bruises. The hazard involves the wheeled board which once placed in a vertical position, can disconnect from the car seat under certain conditions from the wheeled conveyance, thus posing a fall hazard to infants and toddlers. Health Canada has not received any reports of incidents or injures to Canadians related to the use of these products. The “Bugaboo Car Seat Adapter” Item #80401GC02 and #80400GC01 as well as the “Bugaboo Wheeled Board” #85500WB01 are the only […] Continue reading →