Do you know how many teethers I have? At least 6 and do you think I can ever find one when I need my daughter needs it the most? Nope! Lifefactory’s teethers are great because you can actually wear it on your wrist! Having it within arms reach (literally) is great, especially when your holding your little one. Made form 100% medical grade silicone, the is light, soft and ‘chewy’, with plenty of nubs, bumps and ridges to soothe a gnawing baby. Available in 3 colors, Sky Blue, Raspberry and Yellow, the Lifefactory Multi Sensory Silicone Teether is also BPA […] Continue reading →

Lifefactory puts smart design to life with their BPA-free reusable glass bottles. For those who aren’t fond of metal bottles, glass is an excellent option! Lifefactory eliminates the ‘break’ factor by covering their baby and beverage bottles with patent pending silicone sleeves that have an excellent gripping surface. Our family uses both stainless steel and aluminum bottles for our beverages however after testing out the Lifefactory bottles have quickly become one of my favourites for a few reasons. 1. The width Unlike stainless and aluminum, these glass bottles have a wide neck which makes them perfect for smoothies and thicker […] Continue reading →