I often hear, from my mama friends who have sons at home, that boys aren’t as much fun to dress as little girls — but I beg to differ! Anytime I’m browsing through a children’s clothing shop, online or in person, I find myself holding up tiny ties, adorable khakis, and itty bitty blazers, wishing I had a wee lad at home to style myself! Today I’m sharing some fun Valentine’s Day inspired fashions for boys that are guaranteed to make you say “awww”! You can choose from a selection of different bow-ties when you order this charming cardigan from […] Continue reading →

Since I had my son a year ago, I am in love with anything with a bow tie. This adorable accessory isn’t as widely used as it once was and I think it’s the sweetest most handsome addition to a boy’s outfit. My husband used to wear a bow tie every day to school until he hit Grade 4 and I know of a couple little boys who still do the same today. While scouting out Etsy the other night, I came across EWMcCall, a seller that creates handmade and up-cycled clothes and accessories. Their Bow Tie Shirts are especially cute. […] Continue reading →

If you haven’t heard of Fore!! Axel & Hudson, you are certainly missing out! This adorable collection just for boys is made up mostly of super, super soft blends of bamboo/spandex, a combination that is known for both moisture-wicking and UV-shielding properties. The line was designed by golf guru and designer Paul Nguyen who has previously designed collections for Baby Nay, babystyle and Lucky Brand. Although they have taken inspiration from the traditional golf looks, these designs are over-the-top cute and I really think they should start a Daddy and Me line, because how cute would a grown man look […] Continue reading →

The popular clothing line Navigare, a top selling Italian luxury boy’s fashion line is a very popular brand in Europe. Their luxury garments are coveted by their loyal customer base and have received a wide media presence as well as recognition internationally. For spring, Navigare has taken inspiration from the Italian Riviera and the natural beauty of the sea. Those who love sailing will really enjoy the laid back sporty appeal of their latest collection. Navigare Kids is widely available throughout Europe and you can now find the brand in upscale boutiques, department stores and retailers across North […] Continue reading →

Apple & Ivy ~ Pin Stripe Suspender Outfit ~ $46 USD On Monday we kicked off an Etsy round-up of Handmade holiday outfits starting with adorable selections for girls. We found some beautiful dresses, and the best part of course, is that they are all made with love and handcrafted. So refreshing with all of the low-quality clothing currently available when we head out to the shops. Today we have selected some great options for boys. Boys can be difficult to shop for – especially if you are looking for something super cute. I tend to stick with stores that […] Continue reading →

With brands such as Mayoral, Ralph Lauren and No Added Sugar, Alex and Alexa have recreated the look above, putting together what could very well be the most handsome holiday outfit for boys Maybe my love for crests, argyle and striped shirts on boys comes from my British heritage, or perhaps its just because the look is so darn handsome! Regardless, you have to admit,  the look instantly transforms boys into little men. Think – Prince William and Prince Harry! From left to right: Mayoral Blue Argyle Front Jumper £ 25.00 Ralph Lauren White and Blue Striped Shirt £ 53.00 […] Continue reading →

Hackett London has launched their Kids’ Designer Clothing range that was inspired by it’s very own Menswear clothing collection. By adding quintessential British style to it’s already iconic range of children’s designer clothing, Hackett has introduced 3 key themes to this Fall/Winter line. Mayfair takes influence directly from the menswear range with luxury fabrics, classic styles and colours. Sharp 2 button suits in charcoal or navy are teamed up with a Brompton tailored fit shirt and clubstripe tie. Wear with a cardigan and herringbone overcoat for a classic mini Mayfair look. Their fine gauge polo tops are detailed with polka […] Continue reading →