Recently while perusing the internet I stumbled on the most adorable bed – one designed to appear as a huge open book. Upon more research I discovered that the bed, called The Book Bed, was created by photographer Yusuke Suzuki and was designed to open and close allowing for more room during daytime hours, and a huge space for co-sleeping during nighttime hours. Each “page” is actually a sheet, allowing for multiple levels of blanket sharing, and a bit of a fort for daytime fun. Overall The Book Bed looks like it would be great for everyone in the family, […] Continue reading →

After two and a half years of living in my outdated farmhouse with two little boys and a revolving door with frequent houseguests, it is looking a little worse for wear. Now the time has arrived for me to undertake in a large quantity of minor home renovations. This will not be a quick and easy task, as I have literally every room in my house to redo and would like to get things in order in a short period of time. The first room to tackle is my sons room. They will be moving from their current room back […] Continue reading →