One trend I’m absolutely loving right now is the knotted cotton headband for baby girls. Expecting my 3rd baby girl in early April, I’ve already gotten my hands on a few of these cute accessories. There are so many great companies making and selling these adorable headbands. Today, I’ve chose 5 up and coming small businesses where you can find an array of knotted cotton headbands for your baby […] Continue reading →

Why choose between flowers and a crown when you can have both! As you know most babies are born without much hair, so the only way to really dress up their soft little angelic wisps was with headbands. There are so many different variations out there, but lately I’ve noticed an increase in the princess-themed accessory. We have searched high and low for the best princess headbands for babies. Click through for 20 of the most glamorous and sparkly picks for your little princess! Continue […] Continue reading →

Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite occasions for kids. I know it is meant to be the day of love and romance, but my girls get so excited about the hearts, their cards and red and pink outfits. Babies may be a little young to get involved in the festivities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them in on the actual excitement. Holiday-themed outfits can be a nuisance if they aren’t neutral towards other seasons, but hearts are trendy year-round ;). Accessories are even better as they can change the look of any outfit. Here are 20 of […] Continue reading →

Halloween falls on October 31st, but there are still many ways to celebrate throughout the upcoming days. My kids have several Halloween parties and events taking place over the next week and have opted to accessorize for a couple of them, rather then dress up in their costume. I’m a big fan of accessorizing – especially with babies. Headbands are a great choice because they can add real flair and punch to an outfit, while integrating a theme. Here are 10 of my favorite headbands that offer a Halloween theme. Although these picks are for babies and toddlers, some of […] Continue reading →

There is something about Peacock feathers. The rich colours of teal, gold, navy blue bronze mixed with just a hint of iridescent purple makes for something both regal and elegant. I simply adore them! I also love when people take popular trends for women and translate them into miniature versions for children, which is exactly what Misty Days Boutique has done with their Teal Rolled Rose Flower Skinny Elastic Headband. Like all Etsy products, this is handcrafted using a handmade rolled rose, a peacock feather and plumage, all tied into a skinny headband. Because of the colour combination, this would […] Continue reading →

Babies aren’t known to have a lot of hair, but that hasn’t stopped parents from adorning their heads with big, bold flower headbands. Little girls are now getting the floral treatment with these hair accessories that scream “warmer months have arrived!” Huge silk flowers used to be the domain of elderly women, often pinned to their dresses or hats. When Sarah Jessica Parker took the bold look onto the screen in Sex and the City, suddenly the faux flower was everywhere. Pinned to dresses, glued on purses, or even used to decorate a ponytail or bun! Because no good fashion […] Continue reading →