Travel Gear

During a press trip to Orlando, Florida a couple of months ago, I discovered Brighton. This designer started off in 1985 creating men’s belts. They soon expanded theire line to create women’s belts, handbags, wallets and other small accessories. I had never heard of the line before, but what drew me in was these gorgeous travel pieces. Brighton’s “Fashionista” collection consists of leather handbags and accessories that are super clever and […] Continue reading →

The more I travel, the less I pack. There used to be a time when traveling with a carry-on was unfathomable to me, but now with the cost of checked bags ranging from $20-$35 (!), I’ve made it a rule to check baggage only when absolutely necessary. 8 day cruise – checked baggage. 4 day trip – carry-on only. A couple of weeks ago, I asked myself what the 3 things I couldn’t possibly travel without. My iPhone and laptop go without saying as they are an extension of me, so I left them out. But the others include: MD […] Continue reading →

Paris is on our list of ‘must-visit’ destinations. Not only is it one of the most romantic cities in the world, rich with history, art and culture, it happens to be part of my husband and children’s lineage. Visiting Paris would be a trip of a lifetime for our family and it’s something we want to do while the kids are still […] Continue reading →

The Mark Hotel in New York City caters to families in a big way by providing services and amenities curated for children and their parents. This is nothing new. We’ve seen lots of hotels offer services and packages exclusive to families, but The Mark has done something above the norm with their recent partnership. Maclaren and The Mark have collaborated on an entire fleet of custom-designed strollers exclusive to the hotel! The strollers will be available for guests to use while strolling through Central Park or shopping along Madison […] Continue reading →

You have a trip coming up, camera is packed and your fingers are crossed that you can capture the beauty of the destination you are traveling to. Just me? Apparently not. A couple of brilliant minds have come up with a social site that will have photo lovers and travel aficionados jumping for joy. Imagine if the exact location was pin pointed along with the filter used (for iPhone) or the ISO setting, f-stop, etc for the DSLR. Imagine if you could flip through photos taken by other travelers beforehand, pinpoint their exact location with geo tags, and find out […] Continue reading →

Have you just decided that March break might be a good time to take a trip but can’t seem to find any availability? Perhaps you have plans to stay home and can’t figure out how to keep all of the kids entertained for an entire week. We recently put together a list of fun ideas for the entire family here on Child Mode, but today I’m focusing on smaller children and tots with 10 additional ideas to keep you happy and busy during the break. In regards to trips, well I have your back (as always!). Today on Babble Travel […] Continue reading →

Picture this, you have a family trip coming up and while going through the sandals and summer outfits you realize that your kids have outgrown everything so of course you start scrambling as you try and scout out everything they need within a couple of weeks of your […] Continue reading →