Travel Gear


Are you heading out for the holidays? Several friends and family are hitting the road on Monday, while others are waiting until after Boxing Day to visit their relatives. Travel is at it’s peak during the holidays which is why so many are opting to hit the road as opposed to flying. Regardless of when/how you travel, there are several products that are guaranteed to make your trip more peaceful and stress-free.  I received the Cobra CPP7500C JumPack MB Power Charger Amp USB Bill recently and practically squealed when I opened the package. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? You […] Continue reading →

Dog Car Seat

Yes, it exists – a dog car seat that is! While looking for a comfortable travel solution for our little Coton de Tulear puppy, I came across a product that will hold her weight both now and when she’s full grown. The Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat that allows your dog to look out the window while still saying secured. I’m not a fan of a loose dog in the vehicle while I drive, which is why we’ve always had ours secured in a crate. The problem with a crate is that it takes up a ton of room and […] Continue reading →

manduka travel mat

I have my preference when it comes to yoga mats, they have to be sticky and immovable. The Jade Yoga mat is my favourite when it comes to yoga and any kind of floor work, but it’s too bulky to tote on a plane. Technically you could bring it with you as a carry-on, but when you’re traveling with three children, an extra carry-on is out of the question. Last year I invested in Manduka’s eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat. It’s foldable, provides a sticky surface and can be tucked into our luggage without taking up much room. It also weighs less […] Continue reading →


They gained ground with their Trunki invention several years ago, and now, the Trunki brand will be jumping into the U.S. market this month with their brand new PaddlePak, a water-resistant backpack for children ages 2+. The nice thing about this pack is that it prevents damp items from leaking through after trips to the pool or beach, or keeps contents inside dry throughout the trips. The bags are made from lightweight and durable material and features an ingenious roll top seal that uses the same innovative technology as adult outdoor bags. It features a patent pending break-away safety buckle, reflective trim, the […] Continue reading →


Last year on Cyber Monday a tradition began when I logged into CanvasPop for the first time and ordered my very first Instagram canvas print. I was not sponsored in anyway, I didn’t receive any sort of coupon code from the company, it was something that I had always wanted. A framed collage using some of our favourite Instagram photos of the year. This year, I did the same thing, however I focused more on our travels as a family. The reason why I order on Cyber Monday is because they usually have a great offer (40% off) which then […] Continue reading →


The Gro Company has recently announced a few new products and patterns, including a line of sleepwear and design-led nursery decor. The new Gro-suit (shown above in the Little Stars pattern) is designed especially to be worn with the classic and popular Grobag baby sleep bag. The arms are quilted and padded, providing extra warmth for colder temperatures, keeping your baby cozy without overheating. The new Gro-suits come in sizes up to 18 months of age. New Grobag patterns include Teapot Regatta (above left), Walk in the Park (above top right), and Carnival (above bottom right). Grobags come in sizes […] Continue reading →

iphone underwater

Today, we are mixing things up a bit. At 12 p.m. EST and 5 p.m. London time, we will be hosting a Twitter chat all about Instagram Travel. In case you missed our previous announcement, you can find all the details in last week’s post.  Most travel shots are taken above ground, but did you know you could also be taking Instagram shots underwater? Send Instagram shots of colourful fish in the ocean, coral or the white sand on the beaches of the Caribbean by utilizing a waterproof iPhone case. I’ve used the Lifeproof case in the past and took […] Continue reading →