Several weeks ago, I shared my experience of the Azul Beach Resort in Cancun, Mexico on Babble. Having stayed at both the Generations Maroma and Azul Beach, this resort came in as my all-time favorite thanks to the boutique experience that we received during our trip. I’ll dive into more detail later on, but for now I wanted to share details on the room I stayed in. Karisma is so incredibly efficient with their accommodations as I shared previously with our coverage on Generations Maroma. The rooms could comfortably sleep 5, but you never felt crowded thanks to the slide-out […] Continue reading →


My family and I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Anaheim, California, where we were guests of Disneyland during the incredible Disney Social Media Moms conference. I’ll be sharing plenty of coverage from our trip in the coming weeks, but first I wanted to share one of the main highlights from our visit. Running is something that I picked up last year after deciding that I wanted to run a 10k. The Couch to 10k program was an excellent training resource for me and over the course of several months leading up to the event, I was able to […] Continue reading →


Thinking that maybe an RV is the right fit for your family? There is no doubt that RVing is a lifestyle  more and more families are adopting as the benefits become more widely known. RVing also allows you to see North America in a unique, cost effective and fun way.  Don’t leap before you look though,  consider the following before you commit. 1)   All RV’s are not created equal. RV’s come in all shapes and sizes from a tent trailer to a fifth-wheel to a Class A motorhome.  The challenge for you will be deciding what works best for your […] Continue reading →

manduka travel mat

I have my preference when it comes to yoga mats, they have to be sticky and immovable. The Jade Yoga mat is my favourite when it comes to yoga and any kind of floor work, but it’s too bulky to tote on a plane. Technically you could bring it with you as a carry-on, but when you’re traveling with three children, an extra carry-on is out of the question. Last year I invested in Manduka’s eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat. It’s foldable, provides a sticky surface and can be tucked into our luggage without taking up much room. It also weighs less […] Continue reading →

Kids Traveling Disney Social Media Moms 2014

It’s here! Disney Social Media Moms 2014 has officially begun! Several years ago, my family and I made a quick trip to California to visit Disneyland. It was short, but magical and left us wanting so much more! We vowed that one day we’d visit yet again, this time with our son who wasn’t born at the time. You can imagine how thrilled we all were when we received an invitation to the Disney Social Media Moms conference as it just happens to be held at Disneyland this year!  After years of trying to plan a trip, this incredible opportunity had […] Continue reading →


They gained ground with their Trunki invention several years ago, and now, the Trunki brand will be jumping into the U.S. market this month with their brand new PaddlePak, a water-resistant backpack for children ages 2+. The nice thing about this pack is that it prevents damp items from leaking through after trips to the pool or beach, or keeps contents inside dry throughout the trips. The bags are made from lightweight and durable material and features an ingenious roll top seal that uses the same innovative technology as adult outdoor bags. It features a patent pending break-away safety buckle, reflective trim, the […] Continue reading →

Frozen Tour Quebec City

Although I’m Canadian, as of February 2014, I had yet to go dog-sledding. It’s a little odd as dog-sledding is a major activity in this country, but I just had never got around to it. When I saw the activity listed in our agenda for the “Frozen” press event in Quebec City, I was completely stoked! Finally, I’d get my chance to see what the hubbub was all about. We visited Pourveoirie du Lac Beauport  in the late afternoon and received the full run-down by one of the guides at the establishment. He was extremely thorough and gave us a […] Continue reading →