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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends! Today, I wanted to share some information on an app that I recently discovered. As 2013 came to a close, my Instagram feed was filled with “the best of 2013″ thanks to If you visited the site, and scrolled over to “Snapshot” you are able to see your best moments on Instagram from 2013. This neat little video combines the most popular moments from 2013 (the ones with the most comments). I thought it was cute and a nice way to end the new year. […] Continue reading →

Samsung Chromebook

I’m going to start off with a full disclosure here – I am a self-proclaimed Apple snob. Every computer (except for our business unit), every phone, every tablet and every laptop in this house is made by Apple. I have never considered switching or purchasing a computer from another company, even if the price is at times 75% less than my preferred brand. When Staples Canada offered for me to test out the Samsung Chromebook, I was very interested to see how it would hold up during my travels and huge workload, especially considering the fact that my nose has […] Continue reading →


Several months ago, I was asked to test-run a new (unreleased) app with some of my favorite children’s fashion bloggers and now I’m thrilled to announce that it is now available to the public! Lil’Stylers is the first of it’s kind in the children’s fashion sector. As a cross between Pinterest and Instagram, this super cool app allows you to post photos of your children in their cool duds and then tag the apparel brands. Participating brands and retailers then create website links to the tags so that if you click on one, you’ll be taken directly to the shopping […] Continue reading →


I’m a huge fan of Rosetta Stone and have been using their software for years now. Suitable for adults and kids, this program is one of the best out there for learning a new language. As a fan of the Little Pim videos, there have been times that I’ve wished Rosetta Stone would come out with a children’s section or some kind of cute game for kids. Yesterday,they announced that they’ve done just that with Rosetta Stone Kids. It’s a great game for kids and teaches them a language in a fun and educational way. The app includes original content […] Continue reading →


A couple of months ago, I received a gorgeous turquoise iPad case (think Tiffany blue) from Martha Stewart’s line available at Staples. As part of the Martha Stewart Home Office collection with Avery, this tablet case is a great way to turn your iPad into a vehicle movie […] Continue reading →


Ok, so you’ve taken some amazing Instagram pictures and now you want to share them in a non-digital format. Because of their perfectly square dimensions, it isn’t possible to order them through a regular print shop however you can order them through a variety of different companies who specialize in Instagram […] Continue reading →


As a voracious reader who loves the feel, smell and overall experience of an actual book, eReaders weren’t big on my list of must-haves, however since becoming a mom of 3, my time spent reading has been cut down significantly and I don’t have the time I used to have to sit down with a book. Since I embraced the idea of an e-reader, I’ve been able to stick to my reading goal each year and have increased the amount of books I read […] Continue reading →