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“It’s mine! The book is for me!” My son’s face broke out into the biggest smile I’d ever seen when we received our personalized books from Chronicle Books. Available in both personalized and non personalized versions, these classic favourites. These bedtime classics are available on, but you also have the option to turn them into personalized mementos for your little ones. We received a couple samples of both and our favorite by far the personalized version. My son has asked us to read him “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, over and over again. As soon as we turn the first […] Continue reading →


Bring on the New Year’s resolutions, goals, focus words, and positive changes! I hope you are all off to a cleansing start to 2014 and had a wonderful holiday season. Since the weather is brutally and bitterly cold in a large part of North America, it is the perfect time to stay indoors with a good book. If you are wanting or needing motivating and inspiring books for a fresh start to this new year, I have collected a few of my personal favorites, along with recommendations, for uplifting reads. The books below focus on family, self, and daily positivity. […] Continue reading →


Do you ever come across things that make your jaw just drop to the floor? For me, it’s usually something so clever and smart (like, why didn’t I think of that?!) or something that is just so beautifully designed it makes your heart ache. This new clear bookshelf from Ubabub is so, so stunning. I can’t take my eyes off of it! It’s modern and sleek, yet totally functional. Best of all, these acrylic shelves are designed to keep your kids safe. (I don’t know how many times my girls have knocked their heads into the hard corner of their […] Continue reading →


Three new fall books from BabyLit have arrived! Sherlock Holmes,Jabberwocky, and Anna Karenina are available at Barnes and Noble, and they join the other nine classics available for your child (and you). BabyLit features a series of board books for brilliant babies. The pages are simple to understand, depicted through beautiful drawings that also make perfect art prints for your walls. My son loves to study each page, pointing out the different details that help him learn to count along the way from his counting primer books. Anna Karenina is a fashion primer, adapted from the timeless novel from Leo […] Continue reading →

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Have you seen the new limited edition Moleskines? LEGO meets notebook with this super cool cover featuring a real black LEGO plate. There is an inner pocket inside the cover as well as a colored bookmark […] Continue reading →


As a voracious reader who loves the feel, smell and overall experience of an actual book, eReaders weren’t big on my list of must-haves, however since becoming a mom of 3, my time spent reading has been cut down significantly and I don’t have the time I used to have to sit down with a book. Since I embraced the idea of an e-reader, I’ve been able to stick to my reading goal each year and have increased the amount of books I read […] Continue reading →

French is our country’s second language and it is also my part of my children’s heritage. My husband is French and so it was important that our children learn the language. There are many children who are born multilingual. Their parents speak both languages throughout the day and they are immersed in both whether it be at home, school or with their peers. Our kids are exposed to both during school, but not at home. For that reason we purchased Rosetta Stone a couple of years ago, to help familiarize themselves with the language. Although it’s an excellent program it […] Continue reading →