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We celebrated Thanksgiving last week here in Canada and autumn is in full swing. Naturally this means that pumpkins are in season. Last week, my husband and I made a trip to one of our favourite Thai restaurants and I ordered the coconut curry pumpkin soup. It was better than I had originally anticipated and my husband asked that I recreate the recipe at home. After some searching, I came across this recipe from All Recipes and modified it to suit our tastes. It turned out beautifully! Unlike many soups that aren’t quite filling, this one has a higher fat […] Continue reading →

Healing Mix

I’m a little bit of a health fanatic. Nothing goes in my grocery cart unless the ingredient list has been scanned and then double checked yet again. Unless it’s a whole food, chances are it won’t be coming into my home.   Last month, I took part in a Twitter party for Healing Mix, a product that is designed for new moms postpartum, but can really be used by anyone. After reading the ingredient list (more on that in a second) I was immediately on board! I can also understand the healing concept behind this as I felt very weak after […] Continue reading →

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There’s something about a good, hearty pasta dish that fills up more than just your belly. This dish is comfort food at its best. The sausage gives it that extra substance, and the bright flavors of asparagus, basil and lemon bring it to life. Whenever I make a big pot of this pasta, everyone wants seconds. It’s a summertime staple for us since it comes together in just twenty minutes and doesn’t require turning on the […] Continue reading →


Whenever I find a healthy recipe that my whole family (toddler included) loves, I feel like throwing my hands in the air like Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act. Hallelujah! It’s a miracle, I swear. I wasn’t expecting quinoa stuffed bell peppers to make the list of healthy foods my little ones love, but oh my goodness did they love these. The mild turkey sausage and quinoa filling is flavorful but not at all overpowering for developing palates. My son even loved the taste of the sweet, softened bell peppers. It’s a great way to use up extra quinoa if you […] Continue reading →


I’ll be honest with you, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest pinning all sorts of wonderfully festive foods. Complicated flag desserts and beautifully decorated cookies litter my Fourth of July Pinterest board. But for all my grand plans, when it comes down to holiday time I’m usually scrambling to find something that can be whipped up with zero planning. These red, white and blue strawberries are just my speed. They are quick, easy and even fun for little helping hands. My little guys loved making these almost as much as he loved eating them. They’re a stunning addition […] Continue reading →

strawberry donut sundae

Strawberry shortcake is and always has been one of my favourite desserts of all time. The texture, flavour and the sweetness is just perfection! There’s something about the combination of creaminess, sweet tart berries and soft cake that just make me oh so happy! Smucker’s® recently put together some “Ice Cream Truck Favorites” – recipes inspired by ice cream truck classics – using the Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings. I’m sure you’ve seen them in your local supermarket as they are quite popular! The toppings come in chocolate, caramel, strawberry and their famous Smucker’s® Magic Shell® Chocolate Flavoured Topping. Smucker’s invited me to recreate one of […] Continue reading →


I love doughnuts. I mean really, really love doughnuts. When I was pregnant with my son I demanded doughnuts at all hours of the day and night. There were quite a few midnight trips to the Safeway for day old doughnuts when none of the doughnut shops were open. My husband started buying them by the dozen from Doughboys to satiate my constant doughnut need. I guess I shouldn’t have been all that surprised when I gained over 50 pounds with my son (thank goodness I was 22 with an awesome metabolism when I gave birth). Unfortunately, I don’t have […] Continue reading →