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This year, above all others, has been a year where the holidays mean LOVE to me even more than usual. Our family has gone through a lot of heavy emotions during 2014, and it has been a year where we have all realized the fragility of life and how much love we have been surrounded by. Some of the items that I find keeping me afloat, and that I am holding close to my heart, are personalized pieces with true meaning behind them. I thought I would share a few of my favorite personalized gifts for the holidays. These items […] Continue reading →

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I’ve seen plenty of bean bags for a child’s room, but these take the cake. Hoopla Room is a shop that I just recently learned about and they offer a fabulous collection of super cute decor items, storage and accessories for kids. Their bean bags are hilariously cute and unlike any that I’ve seen in the past.  The strawberry cone bean bag pictured above is my favourite! Adds a taste of summer to your room during these dark and cold autumn days! Made in Spain, this Wooufies Bean Bag is made to look like a bag of candy, right down to […] Continue reading →


Do you ever come across things that make your jaw just drop to the floor? For me, it’s usually something so clever and smart (like, why didn’t I think of that?!) or something that is just so beautifully designed it makes your heart ache. This new clear bookshelf from Ubabub is so, so stunning. I can’t take my eyes off of it! It’s modern and sleek, yet totally functional. Best of all, these acrylic shelves are designed to keep your kids safe. (I don’t know how many times my girls have knocked their heads into the hard corner of their […] Continue reading →

Hedgehog Bedding

Black and white bedding for kids is not your typical find at the department store. Bright pops of color and eye catching designs seem to be the trend when it comes to children’s room decor and bedding. By Nord, a Danish designer has gone against the grain with a beautiful set of linens inspired by Nordic nature. and the beauty of the wildlife. “At by nord we believe in sustainable design, where beauty and functionality are supported by extended use of organic materials and accountability in production. This is your guarantee for unique design products, which respect the nature that […] Continue reading →


I saw a sneak peek of Country Road‘s new child and home collections somewhere on Instagram and fell hard for their colors, prints, and recent styles. Look how beautifully the above Chambray Pocket Dress hangs. Since Country Road is an Australian brand, their recent lines reflect the current southern hemisphere season. These will be great styles for back to school shopping here soon […] Continue reading →

Ok, ok, I’ll admit it –  I’m officially in love with a coffee maker. Keurig sent me their B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System to try out several weeks ago and I can honestly say it has changed the way my husband and I go about our morning. I’m a Starbucks fan personally and my husband, well he prefers Tim Hortons (a Canadian coffee addiction for those of you not familiar with the franchise). Lately, with our business in it’s peak season, I have really depended on my daily caffeine fix. Instead of making coffee or tea the traditional […] Continue reading →