When I stumbled upon these festive and adorable snacks on Pinterest I melted into a puddle of nostalgia.  The Grinch is one of my all time favourite holiday stories so naturally I loved this recipe right away.  This idea is totally adorable and so totally simple – my four year old had a ball putting these together! These are also a great low sugar holiday party idea and safe for allergy sensitive classrooms. Enjoy! Ingredients:  green grapes banana slices strawberries mini marshmallows toothpicks DIRECTIONS Wash the grapes and strawberries. Slice the bananas and cut the tops off the strawberries. Stick […] Continue reading →


Ever since my girls were babies they have LOVED to eat avocado.  It is such a creamy, buttery, rich and healthy food that can be added to almost anything and it’s a super snack on its own.  One of the cleverest ways I have discovered is to bake an egg inside the half of an avocado and then dress it in different ways. Sort of like an updated “frog in a hole”. There are many different examples of this idea and Pinterest is a great source for a step by step photo guide.  I usually prepare this meal for my […] Continue reading →


As the Halloween festivities come to an end I have to say I am exhausted.  The parties, school and daycare functions and the infamous trick-or-treating event has left me feeling wiped out and sugared out.  On the upside, my crock-pot is dusted off and ready to make a big pot of chili. Chili, in my opinion is the easiest way to make a healthy and filling meal in minutes.  I like to prepare the chili on the stove and then transfer it to the crock-pot to stew away for hours until we are ready to eat! I often quickly prepare […] Continue reading →


One of my favourite ways to use up Thanksgiving leftovers is by making Butternut Squash soup.  I love to throw in all the left over roasted vegetables from our dinner as well as adding some other ingredients to build the flavour.  The best part about soup is that you can change it up every time based on what is kicking around your kitchen. Ingredients: splash of olive oil 1 diced yellow onion 3 cloves of garlic 1 butternut squash, peeled, seeded and cut into chunks 2 cups of chicken stock 2 teaspoons of curry powder Any left over roasted veggies […] Continue reading →


Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of my Canadian friends and family! This is one of my favourite holidays because what could be better than spending time with family while indulging in delicious food? I am physically preparing myself for food, food, and more food. This recipe caught my eye because not only does it look absolutely delicious but can be used as a desert topping but also as a sweet pancake or French toast topping.  The ingredients are minimal, only bananas, honey, cinnamon and olive oil and that’s another bonus.  Easy and delicious is my rule of thumb. Enjoy! Ingredients: […] Continue reading →


When apple season hits in our region I can’t get enough of them. This easy-to-cook fruit is incredibly versatile and can be added to almost anything. Apple Cake is the perfect fall desert, but can easily be served at a brunch. I love the big chunks of cinnamon infused apples, along with the crumbly cake. I made a couple changes to this recipe by adding apple slices through out the batter and I also substituted the oil for applesauce to make it lighter and more fruity! Ingredients: 1 egg 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/3 cup vegetable oil (or applesauce) 3 tbsp apple […] Continue reading →


Fall is definitely rolling in and its presence is obvious in my cooking. I think about settling in with warm, hearty meals showcasing the season’s foods and flavors. Today’s recipe does just that.  These gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free pancakes’ feature ingredient is pumpkin, one of the most fall-like flavors out there! A girlfriend of mine passed this recipe on to me and I am so excited to share it here.  Since I can’t resist I added a couple tablespoons of maple syrup to mine – not sugar free anymore but oh so delicious. Enjoy! Ingredients 4 eggs beaten ½ cup of […] Continue reading →