If you’re looking for a truly special treat for your little one this fall, or for those of you with your eye on some early holiday shopping, these hand-sewn soft soled genuine leather Mary-Janes from Cambria Laine are going to be hard […] Continue reading →

Are you getting a little hungry for breakfast? Maybe you’re more of a muffin person… And how about a latte to go along with it? Well put away your napkins, friends because what you’re looking at is handmade designer soap. Yep, every bit of what you see here is vegan-friendly, luxuriously pampering soap custom designed and hand crafted by AJs Sweet Soap- all the indulgence with none of the calorie […] Continue reading →

If you don’t know about gDiapers yet, get ready for a new obsession!  Not only are they  one of the most eco-friendly diapers available, they are well-fitting and absolutely adorable.  This brand new diaper concept will have you hooked from day one whether you opt for the biodegradable disposables that can be tossed straight into your compost bin (I know!) or go for the […] Continue reading →

Sometimes you just long for something elegant.  Something as beautiful to look at as it is fun to wear.  What could be more elegant and feminine than a graceful pair of fairy wings this Halloween?  We absolutely adore this handmade pair in peacock blue from On Gossamer […] Continue reading →

If the Philadelphia Zoo, which boasts the distinction of being America’s very first zoo, isn’t already on your list of must-visit places, you’ll be running to add it after you hear about their amazing new feature: The Treetop Trail. Featuring approximately 700 feet of flexible tunnels made out of stainless steel mesh, this attraction allows children of all ages (even grown-up ones with names like “mom” and “dad”) observe a diverse array of small primates moving from one environment of the zoo to another directly overhead. Just imagine the excitement of watching lemurs, mangabeys, and titi monkeys exploring the maze throughout the […] Continue reading →

As a mom of girls for over 10 years, I’ve got more than my share of tulle and glitter and tiaras spilling out of our costume bins.  Purple and pink and even brighter pink is everywhere I look!  Is it any wonder then that this year I’m drawn to the fluffy costumes instead?  To the ones with the quirky colors and the silly eyes? Well, Pottery Barn Kids has launched its Halloween 2011 costumes and I could not be more excited by the […] Continue reading →

“Why should grown-ups have all the fun?!” asked Alexa Till in a recent interview with British Vogue. Why indeed! In what could very well be the next trend in the fashion industry, the stylish co-founders of the fabulous online children’s boutique AlexAndAlexa.com collected their favorite pieces from five top designer lines including Junior Gaultier, Baby Dior, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and Rykiel Enfant and launched their first ever Kids’ Fashion Week in September of this year as a way to showcase the various collections and designs from high-end fashion designers. The very concept of Five Days of Fashion was created to showcase the diversity of the various fashion brands. From bold stripes […] Continue reading →