My daughter loves getting dressed up for the holidays, and even at the age of (nearly) five, she’s already versed in which colour schemes she’d like to show off during different special days throughout the year — including Valentine’s Day. I know that on that morning she’ll be requesting something pink, red, and very special. Here are a few fun Valentine’s day inspired fashions your little ones might love too! This incredibly cute necklace by Masterpieces of Fun Art would make a great addition to any Valentine’s Day outfit! Browse their shop for more cute jewelry for kids. This adorable […] Continue reading →


When my daughter was born (nearly five years ago!) I’m fairly certain the first photos of her that I shared were simply her and I in our bedroom. Her looking just lovely and my face tired but insanely happy. However, I’ve always adored the unique birth announcement photos that I’ve spied via some of my favourite blogs, so today I wanted to share a few that I think are really sweet! Yawn! This guys doesn’t care about anything but his cozy blanket, but this image is amazing! Thank you to Jagger’s parents for making this happen! Spotted over at Alphabet […] Continue reading →


With bitterly cold temperatures rapping at our doors this season, kids have been home from school a LOT due to closed schools and cancelled busses. With a bevy of ice storms, power outages, and the temperature dipping dangerously low, it’s time to get creative with our Snow Day activities! Forget about the frost quakes and polar vortexes for a little while and enjoy these fun activities that are perfect for when the kiddos are stuck at home! If it’s too cold outside to built a real snowman (ick, frostbite!) you can always make an indoor version out of corn starch […] Continue reading →


I love tea. I drink it daily, there’s an entire cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to tea leaves — loose and bagged, my mug collection is enormous, and I have a tattoo dedicated to teacups and doilies. Naturally, my adoration for tea time is something I’ve been passing on to my daughter. Turning five later this month, my daughter loves to sip her tea with me. She enjoys the ritual of getting the kettle ready, adding tea leaves to a tea ball or strainer, or just simple choosing a delicious smelling teabag from our collection. For littles, caffeinated teas are […] Continue reading →


Whether the kiddos are sharing a bedroom, or needing a spot for their stuffed animal collection to sleep, bunk beds can be a fun way to add a little vertical interest to a kid’s bedroom. When I was a little girl I had bunk beds in my room which I used to make into forts when my friends would come visit for a sleepover. I loved arranging my toys on the top bunk while I snoozed on the bottom — or I’d sleep up top for a change and spend hours just reading under the covers. Bunk beds are a […] Continue reading →


There’s hardly anything sweeter than littles all bundled up in beautifully textured knits this time of year. So many of my favourite pieces for my daughter are hand-knit sweater, scarves, and hats, created with love. There are the pieces she wears the most AND the ones I know I’ll be hanging onto for future babes, or perhaps to pass down to a friend. Recently, I came across a lovely little shop called Little Beaux Sheep. Out of LA, this sweet line features cozy knits for kiddos including booties, hats, adorable double-breasted hooded sweaters, and more. Each item from this shop is […] Continue reading →


I don’t know about you, but right after Christmas, with an influx of new toys, art supplies, and games, I’m committed to getting my child’s room tidied and organized for the New Year! Right now, my go-to “organizational” method is… shove under-used items into the closet, and let’s be honest, that’s NOT the best way to go about it! Time to purge a few toys and create space for the rest — with some new (and beautiful!) storage ideas. If you’re in the mood for getting organized this year, scroll before for a few ideas I’m loving right now! Flea […] Continue reading →