Looking for something to jazz up your tot’s ‘do this season? If you’re just leaving winter behind like we are up here, then it’s time to take those toques off and celebrate with some super cute hair accessories, like these ponytail holders from Heydey Handmade! These are cute enough for your kiddos, with an elastic that’s big enough to hold mama’s hair too. And with a price tag of just $4.50 a pair, you’ll be hard pressed not to buy some for every day of the week! Heydey Handmade is currently holding a spring sale: Use discount code HEYDEY for […] Continue reading →

Vegan boots are one of those fashion accessories that get me really excited. Why sacrifice style for ethics when you don’t have to? Vegan mamas: Feel free to love the look of “leather” and don’t shy away from “suede”! Not with these 5 fabulous cruelty-free options to choose from. (I’ll bet expectant vegan mamas Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Portman and Alyssa Milano would approve!) These Cumin Wedges (available in 6 different colours) are adorable. My feet are doing a little happy dance just looking at them! How fierce are these Lumberjack Booties with their 4 3/4″ heel? Cozy Vegan Wrap Boots […] Continue reading →