Mother & Daughter Styling With @Goody Plus a Chance to WIN $200 Hair Accessories Prize Pack!


Do you see these clips? When I think back to the first memory I ever had of my mom doing my hair, these clips are the first thing that come to my mind. Goody was the best. The only brand my mom would buy for elastics, hairbands and clips. I’d pick another package and she would say, “No, these are better.” And they were. They are. They’re still the first and only brand I choose when I’m looking for hair accessories for my girls. 

When Goody approached me to work with them on their Ouchless line, I was all in. My eldest daughter has very thick curly hair (like her mama) and every morning is a scream and cry fest. It’s become so bad that she keeps a brush in the car now and does it herself on the way to school, however her hair is never really brushed all the way through because it hurts too much. The Goody Ouchless Girls brushes are specially designed to get through matted and messy hair without pain or snags. And they work. For real. The Ouchless Brush also won the 2016 Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award, no surprise there. 


I don’t know exactly how it works. I inspected the brush and it looks fairly normal. Different than your usual brush, but nothing extraordinary and yet somehow it runs through hair without ripping it out. Magic. 

fullsizerenderGoody’s newest line of hair brushes and accessories are inspired by the new Trolls movie, which is cute. Yet another blast from the past. I used to collect trolls. Good job Goody. Kudos on that partnership. You’re hitting all of us millennial moms hard, right in the heart ;). fullsizerender_2

Because I’m always the one who does their hair, I wanted to see if my girls could manage using the Goody Girls Bun Maker on their own. No props, no help and no preparation before hand. These are girls that usually leave their hair down or in a simple ponytail and they created some super cute styles, with no help from me. fullsizerender_1

The headbands are fashionable and on track with current trends and they have some cool accessories that allow you to create hairstyles with little to no effort. This boho chic style was created using the Goody SimpleStyles Gibson Roll Kit. The gold braid offers a hint of a Grecian flair and my daughter said her sister looked like a princess. I have to agree. 

fullsizerender_4The hair kits Goody has designed are incredibly simple yet super cute. They’re an inexpensive way to style your hair and gives girls an incredible amount of confidence because they can do it all on their own!

A big thank you to Goody for the blast from the past, for introducing me to new products that will now become a part of my daughters’ memory bank and for eliminating the tears that have consistently flowed thanks to crappy hair brushes. 

 *This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always.*


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