How UGO Wallet Helped Me Collect More Rewards Points

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I love purses, I really do. In fact, I used to collect handbags…until I became a mother. Handbags were replaced by diaper bags and now my pocket holds my debit and credit card most days (if I’m lucky). I’ve succumb to the bad habit of carrying around two cards and leaving my wallet at home. We are forever in a rush and somehow it’s become my norm. The problem with this is that I usually miss out on collecting points on purchases as I never have my loyalty rewards cards with me. 

Recently I was introduced to an app called UGO Wallet which essentially eliminates the need to carry your credit and loyalty cards. This free mobile app allows you to store the cards within your smartphone and quickly pay and redeem points without digging into your purse. 

I had a little bit of trouble in the beginning getting everything set up. Apparently there was an issue with my pin and I had to reset it a couple of times, but customer service was a huge help and rectified the situation for me and escalated my issue over to headquarters to help move things along. 

Once I was able to set up my cards, I tested it out at my local Independent Grocer. My PC Points card and PC Financial Credit Card were both stored on my Samsung S4 phone via the UGO Wallet app. All I had to do during check-out was simply tap the phone on the screen of the credit card terminal and voila! The transaction went through just like that. 

The teller looked at me very strangely at first. She asked why I was tapping my phone rather than my card, which started an entire conversation about the app. She couldn’t believe it at first (I think she thought I was pulling her leg). 

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.14.56 PMThis app has been a HUGE gamechanger for me. I’ve uploaded my plum rewards, Shoppers Optimum, Cineplex and PC Points cards to the app so far and am collecting points again. The only points I was able to collect before were the cards that I had memorized (AIR MILES and Aeroplan), which means I’ve been missing out on collecting points/saving money for quite some time now.  It’s been a hit and miss for the past 9 years, thanks to busyness and forgetfulness. After this test period, I’m really not quite sure if I’ll ever use my wallet again… 

If you’re interested in downloading the UGO Wallet app, you can do so through Google Play (for Android users), Blackberry App World (Blackberry) or the App Store (iPhone users). Happy collecting/redeeming and welcome to the new revolution of organizing your cards! Adding your loyalty cards to UGO Wallet is quick and easy! Scan each card’s barcode using your phone’s camera and then organize them by dragging and dropping them into the order you choose.  If you’d like to pay for purchases, you can do so at any merchant that offers Visa payWave or MasterCard PayPass. 


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. 

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