Quantum of the Seas: Dining and Entertainment Options

Quantum of the Seas - Dining & Entertainment

I mentioned in my previous posts about Quantum of the Seas that I had never been on a cruise before. As a newbie, one of the things I was nervous about was the dining – I’d always heard that choices were limited and you had to sit with people you don’t know. Royal Caribbean revamped everything for their new smartship, including all the food and entertainment. They have introduced what they call “Dynamic Dining” which allows guests to choose from 18 different restaurants with no set dining times.

Quantum of the Seas - Grande Restaurant

The restaurants range from the incredibly elegant Grande (I was looking around for Jack and Rose) to gourmet pub food at Michael’s (I was lucky enough to meet Michael Schwartz himself and the man was just as friendly as his food selections) to touches of the familiar for kids like Johnny Rockets.

Quantum of the Seas - Michael's Genuine Pub

While on board I was able to sample food from many of the options and I was impressed every time. Staples at the Windjammer, sushi at Izumi, lower calorie delights at Devinly Decadence, a steak at Chops, Italian at Jamie’s (yes, and in Jamie Oliver) … all wonderful.

Quantum of the Seas - Dining Options

Quantum of the Seas - Dining Options

The other great thing that goes well with good food is good entertainment. I already went over the fun family adventures you can have on Quantum of the Seas, but how about a little nightlife? Two70 transforms into an showroom with a three-story video wall and Vegas-level shows.

Quantum of the Seas - Two70

Quantum of the Seas - Two70

Quantum of the Seas - Two70

Or if rock ‘n roll is more your style (since I go to a lot of concerts, most times it’s mine) the Music Hall may be more to your liking.

Quantum_Of_The_Seas_59 Quantum_Of_The_Seas_60

One of my best nights on Quantum of the Seas was dancing with a ton of folks to Bon Jovi. Well… he was really convincing Bon Jovi look-a-like.


Just walking around is an adventure. Art is in abundance on every inch of the ship. The center two floors are the Royal Esplanade, filled with stores of every kind to shop your heart out in. Or even just window shopping was fun.

Quantum of the Seas Quantum of the Seas

Royal Esplanade

Point is, there really *is* something for everyone.

Needless to say, Royal Caribbean has convinced me. Bring on the cruises! My family and I are ready to travel by sea.

Note: Travel was provided by Royal Caribbean. Some photos and video by Royal Caribbean. All words and other photos by me.

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  1. Carmen - Carmen's Luxury Travel

    April 17, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    My family and I started cruising a few years back. One of our first ships was on the Royal Caribbean’s – Oasis of the Seas. Once you go on one of these massive ships that offer all the bells and whistles it’s very hard to settle for an originally ship. I think we each gained 10 pounds from all the food we ate.

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