5 Last-Minute Christmas Craft Ideas

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Suddenly, it seems that Christmas is next week already. Between family arriving in town, final shopping trips and grocery runs to do, and cookies to bake, I feel as though I have completely let the fun, crafting part of the holidays slip away. On Monday, a friend and I quickly searched Pinterest for some last-minute craft ideas and came across several that we have added to our list.

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These adorable Santa Handprint Keepsake Ornaments took a little bit longer than I would have liked, but they were definitely worth the effort. My only regret is that I didn’t make more of them to give away to relatives. While our toddlers were playing, my friend and I whipped up a batch of salt dough, and then tried to wrangle them long enough for a decent print. Lots of kneading, flouring, re-rolling, and trying again-attempts later, we had handprints that were ready to bake! You may already have everything on hand for painting, but I did not. After a quick trip to the craft store for permanent paints, I came home, used a Sharpie for the outlines as depicted by the one shown on the left, and then copied the rest of their design. I am happy with how they turned out. My son just turned three, so his hand prints are pretty large compared to the tiny little baby ones my friend did with her infant and two-year-old. Those are probably the perfect age for this one!

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While you have your salt dough and paints at the ready, I couldn’t resist adding this cute Fingerprint Snowman from Crafty Morning. I love the way his nose is drawn so it appears he is looking up excited about the snow. This would be a great craft for older children, since just their fingerprints would be smaller (and lighter) than the full Handprint Santa above.

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These Footprint Snowmen look soooo easy to make; I just might have to do these today!

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I literally just stopped writing this post for 10 minutes to do this craft after finding it online, since my paints were still out from the Handprint Santa above. Three Ways to Paint Pinecones. I painted the tips of them (right) like the Frugal Homemaker showed (left), and added white glitter as well. They look cute, and I’ll have to find somewhere to hang them as soon as they dry.

12-18-2014 10-46-44 AM

If you have yarn to spare, here are a few ideas that look quick, easy, and cute! The Popsicle-stick Stars would even be easy to do with sticks collected from the yard. DIY Yarn Ball Ornaments and a Cute Yarn Christmas Tree decoration would both be charming.      


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